19. August, 2019

Visit Manjada for a True Istrian Lunch

Manjada is an excellent culinary destination for all of you hard workers out there to enjoy a well deserved quick and high-quality lunch. For tourists during the summer season, Manjada is an excellent restaurant for devouring typical Istrian and Mediterranean dishes. Since 2013, Manjada has been pampering locals and tourists alike with its always fresh, but still simple Mediterranean and Istrian gastronomy. Our questions were answered by the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Aljoša Tomšič. Read more

2. August, 2019

Your postcards of Izola

Izola views are viewpoints that will take your breath away, allow you to create unforgettable photographs (with your loved ones or by yourself), and leave a magical lasting impression of Izola. In good weather, most of these spots offer a view of Izola in the embrace of beautiful alpine mountains, with our highest peak of Mount Triglav among them. Not to mention the magical sunsets … Read more

29. May, 2019

How to spend a summer in Izola?

The relaxed atmosphere brought forward by the summer holiday can already be felt in Izola. Slovenian Istria offers a range of experiences that can be enjoyed on warm days both at the seaside and the countryside. We are preparing two new experiences in Izola this year: children will be able to test their treasure-hunting skills in Izolana – the House of the Sea, where fun for the whole family can be enjoyed during Fishing like in the old times. After indulging in the sun rays at one of Izola’s eight beaches, you won’t find yourself bored, even in the evening hours.

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23. May, 2019

Museum detective in Izolana – House of the Sea

Izola’s museum Izolana – House of the Sea invites children on a very special adventure. The hunt for the treasure will acquaint the children with the history of Izola and its interesting locals. Overcoming challenges, solving puzzles and of course, searching for the treasure is followed by a creative workshop, where children will get to know model making and create their own, special marine souvenir.

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17. May, 2019

In June, Izola will become a kingdom of plates with local mussels

After the successfully concluded Days of asparagus, the culinary story in Izola continues with the already traditional Days of local mussels, which will be held the first two weeks of June as part of the Zero Kilometre project. As many as 22 restaurateurs from the city and the countryside will present their rich culinary offer. Read more

15. April, 2019

Restaurant “Sidro” invites you to taste their marinated shark

“Sidro” is a restaurant that opened its doors on Manzioli Square in 1980; in 1990, it moved to an attractive location next to the Izola promenade where you can still visit it today. A view of the sea, boats in the marina and the scent of the Mediterranean are, without a doubt, defining characteristics of the “Sidro” restaurant. Their forty-year tradition has been building slowly: nowadays, however, they are definitely one of the most recognisable seafood providers in Izola. We spoke with the owner Vladimir Godina about the beginnings and the philosophy of the restaurant, centered on the tradition of the sea.
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10. April, 2019

May Day holidays by the sea: catching the sun in Izola

Easter and May Day holidays are rapidly approaching. We invite you to spend the longer sunny days by the sea, surrounded by nature and delicious cuisine.
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29. March, 2019

Following the water sources of the Izola countryside

In addition to its excellent cuisine, cultural sites and diverse events, Izola also offers numerous possibilities for active outdoor leisure.
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19. March, 2019

Restaurant “Bujol” invites you to taste the bakala (dried and salted cod) made by our grandmothers

“Bujol”, one of the more authentic Izola restaurants located in the famous Manzioli Square, will soon be celebrating its tenth anniversary. The concept of the restaurant is based on a simple manner of preparing and presenting local food. The food from Izola which is the most traditional food in the region. They are still following the principle they started with ten years ago: no additives or preservatives are added to the food. The goal of the restaurant is namely to present authentic gastronomy and the way life in Izola used to be. We spoke to its owner Alen Pušpan.
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19. March, 2019

Asparagus Days in Izola

Asparagus is known as a harbinger of spring but is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and folic acid. Dishes from such vegetables are good for our health and contribute to the detoxification of the body. They are also known as natural aphrodisiacs.

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