22. January, 2019

Four colours of wine: Refosco – the most widespread variety in Slovenian Istria

Wine is an excellent companion to various dishes, it lifts up our spirits and, in moderate quantities, contributes to the health of our cardiovascular system. It has been prized since the prehistoric times, and we often hear the saying that the histories of man and vine are intertwined and inseparable.  Read more

4. January, 2019

Not to be missed in 2019: Izola events

In 2019 we will again have the opportunity to enjoy Izola’s traditional, cultural and sports events, as well as special culinary experiences, that attract an increasing number of visitors from year to year.

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27. November, 2018

The refined taste of the steak tartare for festive december

In the hinterland of Izola between the vineyards is the home of the house Torkla. You will be warmly received by the hosts at the entrance and brought into a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, suitable for family lunches and romantic dinners. The view of the genuine Istrian environment is also a part of the pleasure, but above all, you will certainly be impressed by our offer.  Creatively made and carefully prepared dishes, are the real masterpieces of the exceptional master chef.   He wisely takes care of every detail on the plate and from carefully selected fragments makes an unforgettable whole, which looks like a work of art.  But above all the master chef never ceases to amaze us. Different flavors, which you would have never thought possible to match, intertwine on the plate and blend into a brand new culinary experience.
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13. November, 2018

Istria on the plate – home-made fuži in rabbit sauce

In the hinterland of Izola, between olive groves and vineyards, lies the village of Korte – a great starting point for nature and sports lovers. The restaurant Gostilna Korte has more than 50 years of tradition based on authentic Istrian cuisine with a touch of modern culinary specialties. The most distinguishable qualities of the restaurant are carefully prepared home-made dishes and friendly staff. Every day, guests are offered fresh home-made bread with olives, excellent pasta, seafood and meat delicacies, prepared exclusively with local olive oil, and carefully selected bottled wines.
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5. November, 2018

Seafood delicacies with a touch of spicy

On the corner of the Veliki trg square, by the fishing harbour, you will find the Marina Hotel. Its important added value lies in the top-grade restaurant, boasting a longstanding tradition. The hosts, master chef Ivica Evačić-Ivek and his staff, rely only on the best and freshest locally grown ingredients.  Their motto is “from the sea to the plate” – all seafood is fresh and caught that same day. They can point to the harbour or the neighbouring hills and show you exactly who provided the fish or where the olive oil and the wine came from. The silver thread of the restaurant is respect for food and the unique flavours of Istrian and Mediterranean classic dishes are enough to entice even the most demanding guests.
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5. September, 2018

From Izola through Slovenian Istria by bike

Autumn is the perfect season for cycling and other recreational activities. The best way to spend the warm autumn days outdoors is in the Istrian hills or by visiting the historic city centres.

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28. August, 2018

Summer events continue in September

School holidays are over, but different events will continue full into autumn. September will be bursting of interesting events, as well as October.

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27. July, 2018

August will be marked by the aroma of fish, tomato sauce and music

July is coming to an end and everyone is eagerly awaiting August, which will bring us the biggest summer festivity – Fishermen’s Feast. Even before the Feast, we will be able to attend a number of musical evenings, film screenings under the stars, the Tomato sauce festival, and the International fair of comic books and board games.

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10. July, 2018

Summer holidays in Izola

Enjoy in the summer and spend your holidays with your family in the Slovenian Istria.  Izola offers many possibilities of active leisure time: have fun with your youngest while building sand castles or stone towers on Izola’s beaches, visit workshops in the Archaeological park San Simon, or take a walk through Izolana – the house of the sea. Read more

29. June, 2018

Inviting summer music evenings

Warm weather has summoned summer before the official start of it. The smell of the sea, the singing of the cicadas and sun rays with evenings full of music, culture and Izola’s flavors are inviting you to join us.

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