Break at The Seaside


In this former fishing town you can discover stories of maritime heritage on foot or by bicycle, taste the Istrian delights from the land and the sea, or just relax while enjoying the smell of the sea and the views of the picturesque Istrian hills.

Explore Slovenian Istria by Bicycle

Warm weather is ideal for cycling. You and your family can go on a trip along the Istrian cycling routes. The marked and unmarked cycling routes with their breathtaking scenery, beautiful nature in colours, and cultural heritage sights in the surrounding area will definitely stay with you for a lifetime. The most known and well-maintained cycling route is a rather colourful and quite easy Path of Health and Friendship – Parenzana connecting Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. A trip along this path is great for everyone who loves being active, especially for families with children. From Izola you can take the route all the way to the Sečovlje Salt Pans, and if you want to make your trip even longer, you can continue on the Croatian side. The route is also popular for walkers, and along the route there are gym stations set up as well.

The area of the former coastal road between Izola and Koper is becoming an increasingly popular recreational destination which also provides an easy cycling trip from Izola to Koper with a breathtaking view of the open sea. This is where Rex – Italy's largest seagoing passenger ship – sank during World War II. Find the red rock and look into the sea – that is where this magnificent boat sunk.

Those who love more demanding cycling tours can embark on a cycling trip through the countryside of Izola which will fascinate you with its unspoiled nature, delicious cuisine, and really interesting, but also somewhat challenging climbs. We recommend you stop in Korte, a beautiful Istrian village with cyclist-friendly accommodation – the Stara šola Korte guesthouse.

A Walk through Town with Children

If your kids are too small for a bicycle tour or if you prefer going for a walk together, we recommend the walking path by the sea that takes you all the way from San Simon to the former shipyard at the entrance to the city. Izola also boasts ten well-maintained playgrounds where children can climb, swing, and play on other playground equipment.

Around Izola among others you can find also following marked walking trails: The longer path to the hill, The shorter path to the hill, The path under the sun and Strunjan valley. 

Take a hike and discover the beauties of Slovenian Istria!

History of Izola in Izolana – House of the Sea

Izola was strongly characterised by the maritime heritage throughout the past. A hint of fishery is still felt in Izola today, and maritime heritage is on display almost every step of the way: from the archaeological park and the former Roman harbour below sea level in San Simon, to the Biser boat (the last fishing boat from the fleet of the former Delamaris factory), all the way to mandrač (the former fishing harbour), and the lighthouse overlooking the Alps and the Gulf of Trieste.

In the dense streets of the city centre where you can also chat with friendly locals, there is a museum called Izolana – House of the Sea. Here you can discover the history of this seaside town, which is mainly related to fishing, shipbuilding, and fish processing industry. You can also “fly” over Izola with the help of a VR headset, and listen to the stories of the city and the countryside. You can even try your hand at fishing with children – the museum has an interactive video game “Fishing with Bepi”. Fun for the whole family is therefore guaranteed.

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