Following the water sources in the countryside


In addition to its excellent cuisine, cultural sites and diverse events, Izola also offers numerous possibilities for active outdoor leisure. The hiking trails are especially interesting, since they allow you to discover the Izola countryside and admire spectacular views from olive groves and vineyards. In the surroundings of Izola you can find the following marked walking trails: The longer uphill path, The shorter uphill path, The path in the sun and The valley of Strunjan. This time we present a path in the unspoiled nature. Along the path you will learn about the water sources of the Izola countyside.



"In the past, life in the Izola countryside was intrinsically linked with water sources. Since the quantity of available water was limited, people paid special attention to the water sources around them."

Water sources of Izola as they once were

In Izola’s hinterland, we can find a number of water sources: the Frata Fountain in Medoše, the P’rila Fountain in Cetore and the Frata Fountain in Korte, all of which consist of the distinctive water tap for fresh drinking water and a feeding trough for animals, as well as of a laundry trough. During dry periods in the past, when the water flow was significantly diminished, people stopped doing laundry and only opened the drinking water tap as the evening approached, distributing water at a certain hour of the day. Every day, another family was appointed to distribute water. Another well-known water source is the Žaneštra Fountain which was located on a private property in Koštancovo. Niko Šjor, its owner, only allowed the workers on the property to use the water from this source.

Reliving the tradition of water sources

With the arrival of a water distribution system, life became easier in the countryside; however, it also contributed to an involuntary change in the way people considered water and water sources. Numerous water sources have become polluted, while nowadays some of them stand buried and forgotten.

We invite you to come for a walk following the water sources of the Izola countryside. The walk will begin and end in Korte, in front of the local meeting hall. Every year, this walk is organised by the Šparžin Tourism Association from Korte.

A walk following the water sources of the Izola countryside

By following the trail of the water sources of the Izola countryside, the walk organiser (the Šparžin Tourism Association from Korte) is drawing attention to the meaning of water sources for our health and for a sustainable life. At the same time, they try to raise awareness among people in order to keep this important natural richness and preserve the memory of the place it used to take in the culture of the Izola countryside.

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