How to spend a summer in Izola?


Slovenian Istria offers a range of experiences that can be enjoyed on warm days both at the seaside and the countryside. Children will be able to test their treasure-hunting skills in Izolana – the House of the Sea, where fun for the whole family can be enjoyed on a sandy beach San Simon. After indulging in the sun rays at one of Izola’s eight beaches, you won’t find yourself bored, even in the evening hours.

Indulge in the sun rays at one of Izola’s beaches

Izola has the most diverse selection of beaches in Slovenia. Five kilometres of coast boasts eight beaches: from urban, natural or wild beaches, sandy bays, to the underwater archaeological site, and beaches with the most beautiful of views, beaches for the disabled, and even dog beaches. The Bele skale beach is perfect for anyone who loves freedom, as its the best spot for retreating from the summer crowds. You can enjoy a view of the wild, pristine nature and our small fishing town, on your way to the beach in the Strunjan Nature Park. Only a few hundred metres away from the wild beach you can find the urban Under the Belvedere beach, one of the popular spots for youngsters, offering a soothing chill during hot spells and lots of fun in the evening time.

The locals’ favourite and one of the more iconic beaches in Slovene Istria, located in the city centre itself – the beach Svetilnik (lighthouse), which among other things boasts an incredible view of the Debeli rtič cape, city of Koper and the Mesečev zaliv bay. When the skies are really clear, your eye can reach Trieste and even the snowy Alps. Among the beach’s big pluses are safe access to the sea, the shade of trees in the nearby pine grove and a meadow with a children’s playground. Hence, the beach is a great hit among parents and children.

Treat yourself to fun for the whole family at Simon’s Bay

San Simon or Simon’s Bay is known as the most family friendly nook in Izola. A sandy bay, volleyball field, water slide and even the remains of a Roman villa in the nearby archaeological park, transform San Simon into the perfect family adventure. You can also challenge yourself in different water sports at the beach; you can rent kayaks, SUPs, and pedalos, or try an adrenaline-filled speedboat ride. This year you’ll be able to indulge in a coffee or a cocktail in the renovated bar near the children’s playground, while your kids enjoy seaside adventures.

If you would like to try out SUP-ing, you can rent a SUP board for the entire day at Izola’s Tourist Information Centre.

Discover Izola’s special experiences

If in addition to relaxing on the beach you want to discover more of Izola’s secrets, you are invited to Izolana – the House of the Sea, where Izola’s marine and coastal character is displayed through a series of documented photos, video recordings and various exhibit pieces. In the House of the Sea your children can test their skills in a real detective game of finding the secret treasure. Overcoming challenges, solving puzzles and of course, searching for the treasure is followed by a creative workshop, where children will get to know model making and create their own, special marine souvenir.

Enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine

In Izola, the diversity and opulence of the Mediterranean-Istrian cuisine has been enriched with the Kilometre Zero concept and offer in selected Izola restaurants, ensuring an indigenous and authentic experience of the environment. Tasty marine dishes at the local eateries are available throughout the entire summer. In September the town streets smell of basil, spicy flavours and baccala.

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