Izola – Kingdom of Fish is Waiting for you


The small coastal town with rich history written by fisheries and waves, is inviting you into a summer embrace. Enjoy the blue sea, green hills, Istrian cuisine, and summer nights.

Catch a Summer Wave

Izola boasts eight diverse beaches stretching over the 5km coastline. You can explore them with a SUP board you can rent at the new Izola Tourist Information Centre. Use the SUP board to go from the wild beach in Moon Bay, to the beach for young people at the foot of the Belvedere hill, the family-friendly San Simon beach, the beach in front of Hotel Delfin, and all the way to Svetilnik – the iconic lighthouse beach with a view of the Alps. In Izola, there is also the only Slovenian dog beach, and between Koper and Izola the largest Istrian beach is being made. Among other things one can reminisce about the year of 1944. That was when the legendary Rex sank here. This was the largest Italian seagoing passenger ship.

Jump in with Me

The area of the former coastal road overlooking the vast sea is ideal for cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, and walks. For the more active visitors, we recommend a cycling trip along the former Parenzana railway where you can admire the Istrian hills and enjoy the view of romantic villages. A special type of an active adventure is diving in the San Simon Archeological Park. In the area of ​​the park, there is a former port below sea level which can be visited in the company of divers.

Listen to the Story of Tradition

If you would like to find out more about cultural heritage in Izola associated with the sea, we recommend visiting Izolana – House of the Sea. In the museum you can try fishing and discover the fauna of the Adriatic Sea. There are also virtual reality headsets available that will show you Izola then and now through 360-degree videos. Strolling through the town, you can admire renovated old boats in Izola's mandrač (harbour). 


A special attraction is the boat called Biser (Pearl) in San Simon – the only preserved wooden boat from the fishing fleet of the former Delamaris factory.

Stay in the Moment

Summer is the time when one can fully relax their body and mind, and enjoy in the embrace of nature. Izola partly extends into the natural pearl of Strunjan Landscape Park. From the exceptional lookout points in the park, the view extends all the way from the Gulf of Trieste to Triglav if the sky is clear. Below the park, there is one of the most beautiful Istrian beaches – the Moon Bay. It is a popular spot for those who enjoy wild beaches. You can also relax in one of the evergreen parks of Izola, where you can find your own spot in the shade during the hot summer days. One of the more interesting spots is the Kneipp Garden next to Hotel Delfin, which is full of medical plants.

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