Winter in Ice Island


Over the winter months, Izola is illuminated with festive lights that bring the holiday spirit to town. Izola transforms into Ice Island - a place that has something for everyone. Experience the joys of ice skating, attend one of the many concerts or catch up with your friends over a delicious mug of mulled wine.

Winter Events in Izola

Did you know that Izola was once an island? While it hasn’t been a real island in a long time, it sort of turns into one once a year. Once a year, Izola becomes an island of experiences.

You can ice skate, take a stroll through the festively illuminated streets and enjoy the diverse line-up of musical acts, while your little ones can have a blast at the many different shows and performances. And of course, the festive season would not be the same without food and drink offering plenty of refreshments.

Free Parking

Free parking will be available for all visitors at the Argo parking lot for the duration of the Ice Island events. 

A Rich and Varied Programme for All Generations and Palates

Pietro Coppo Park will be particularly vibrant at weekends. Sundays are reserved for the youngest visitors, with the children's programme starting at 5 pm. From 7 pm onwards, concert lovers will have a wide range of musical experiences to choose from.

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