Your calendar will be filled with events


This year promises a varied program of events in Izola. There will be many cultural, sports, and culinary events that will delight the locals as well as the visitors of our town. 

The perfect experience for your taste-buds … both in glasses and on plates

The series of enogastronomic events will be inaugurated on the Slovenian cultural holiday at Refuscus Mundi, an event dedicated to wine varieties made from the Refosco vine. We will toast to spring on April 24th at the already traditional International Orange Wine Festival, which will take place at the Manzioli Palace. Culinary journeys into the world of flavors won’t be missing either. In March, we will taste the most delicious “wild” food prepared in different ways during Days of Asparagus, followed by Days of Local Mussels in June, while in autumn we will indulge in tasting seafood during Days of Cod and Days of the Kingdom of Fish. The latter will be followed by the celebration of St. Martin’s Day when we will raise a glass of new wine. At the end of the year, there will be a new culinary event for all lovers of corn stew – Bobičijada. Every Wednesday and Saturday from May to September, we will be able to purchase locally grown fruit, vegetables, and home-grown produce at the local farmer’s market “Stuff from my field”. Lovers of hop-derived drinks will be taken care of at the Beer Fest, taking place on April 11th. The last weekend of May, the aroma of seafood specialties will take over the town at the Olives, Wine and Fish Festival. Summer will present us with a novelty – the well-known Fishermen’s Feast, which boasts a 50-year tradition, will experience a pleasant change this year as we can look forward to the Fishermen’s Evenings throughout all summer. In August, we will learn about culinary stories on Ljubljanska Street, where Tomato Sauce Festival will take place on August 1st. On August 29th, we will enjoy the aroma of the queen of Mediterranean spices at the Basil Festival. The cherry, or rather the chili, on top of the cake, will be added on September 19th at Chilli Festival

A year of active sports experiences

On March 21st, the first day of spring, there will be Grand Prix of Slovenian Istria, a season-opening event for many cyclists. On the first weekend of April, namely April 4th and 5th, the coastal towns will be hosting the Luka Koper 7th Istrian Marathon, while on April 10th we will observe the Izola Spring Cup International Sailing Regatta. The next day, on April 11th, we will be able to take a stroll along the paths of the water sources of Izola’s countryside, ensuring that the fragments of our past bound to our most precious resource – water, do not escape our memory. On September 6th, all sports enthusiasts will test the limits of their abilities in cycling, running and swimming challenges at the I Feel Slovenian Ironman 70.3. Slovenian Istria. The organizers will also take care of a children’s program. The cycling season will be concluded between October 3rd and 4th at a recreational cycling event Istrian Cycling Marathon.

Choosing from a wide variety of cultural and musical events and festivals

The range of cultural and musical events will start on February 1st with the theatre play Krčmarica Mirandolina, the athletes from Izola will receive awards on February 5th, while on the 7th we will celebrate the upcoming cultural holiday. On February 8th, cultural associations of Izola will be presented in Pietro Coppo Park, accompanied by choir singers and Izola Wind Orchestra. The rich events of the House of Culture Izola continue on February 19th. Music fans will enjoy the gentle melodies by Ditka and Feri Lainšček. On February 22nd, you are welcome to join us at the carnival celebration in Lonka Square, where joy and fun will help us chase the winter away. In the middle of March, we will be able to see the mono-comedy “Profesor Kuzman mlajši”, Mojca Partljič will take the stage on March 20th, and the Partisan Choir of Ljubljana will present a striking performance the following day. On March 29th we will listen to the sounds of the Female Choir Mirta. In April, namely on April 23rd, the upcoming Day of Uprising Against Occupation will be celebrated in Lonka Square. In order to spend the 1st of May as best as possible, the Wind Orchestra of Izola will lead us into the Labor Day with their music. There will be fun in the countryside as well. On June 21st, the historical Kaštelir Festival will take place in Korte. The events in Korte will continue on June 25th, when we celebrate the Statehood Day and Solstice – the day of the sun or the longest day of the year. On the Summer Museum Night, which is traditionally held on the third Saturday in June, various locations throughout the town promote Slovenian museums and galleries. On July 11th at the Manzioli Square, we will celebrate the Municipal Holiday, commemorating the day when a large number of Izola’s inhabitants left to join the Partisan army.

From May onwards, when the days are longer and the evenings are warmer, we will also spend time in Arrigoni. On May 23rd, we will see the theatre play “Jugoslavija moja dežela”. On July 4th, we invite you to a concert marking the 30th anniversary of the Ribari sports supporter’s group. Ribari are inviting you to Arrigoni again on August 18th, to watch a documentary film in their honor. Baruffe Festival will brighten the days of June 26th and 27th, and on the last two days of the month we will be able to see Iztok Mlakar’s play entitled "Tutošomato". All fans of alternative genres will be taken care of as well, as the Izola Mjuzik Fest 9 will take place on July 17th and 18th at the most beautiful concert venue in Izola. In mid-August, on the 14th to be exact, the audience will be entertained with Balkan rock music by Bajaga. The concerts in Arrigoni will come to an end on September 12th, when Gibonni will delight the undoubtedly large crowd with his songs. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday summer-evening between July 5th and August 17th, we will watch a variety of film screenings under the sky of Arrigoni.

In addition to the events in Arrigoni, there will be other events taking place in Lonka Square. The events between July 1st and 3rd will be marked by folklore at the international Izola Folk Festival. Croatian musician Massimo Savić will step on the stage at Lonka on July 18th. There will be music at the main square in Izola as well, where on July 9th Marjetka Popovski will perform a set of folk songs. On July 10th, we will listen to the sounds of the melodies of the 2nd Festival of the Songs of the Littoral. Throughout the summer, we will spend evenings in Ljubljanska Street, where various tunes will fill the air on Tuesday evenings.

In June, we will be able to enjoy the cinema under the stars at the festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema. The festival, which annually leaves a special mark in the summer, brings together outstanding artists and their film creations, a relaxed atmosphere and provides a gathering place for film lovers under the magical pine trees in Izola. The town will be filled with music once again in July during the Isola Music Festival.

The end of the year will be just as entertaining

An event related to the history of our town, the celebration of the Legend of Izola, awaits us in October with a rich entertainment program. Don’t miss the festive lights switch-on by the end of the year and the traditional Christmas and New Year’s Concert of the Izola Wind Orchestra. All those looking for some fun on the ice will have fun at the Ice Island, which will evoke smiles on our faces and ensure relaxation at the ice-skating rink and beside it.

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