A keepsake from Izola


In Izola, you will create the most outstanding memories of summer days: the most carefree time of the year. To make you remember these moments even after the summer holidays, we have created beautiful souvenirs. However, they might come in handy already during your vacation. Look at what’s hiding in our online shop.

Remember to stay hydrated

We are happy that the sun visits Izola so often every year. The weather can be especially hot in the summer, so remember to provide your body with enough fluid. The water in Izola is drinkable and of good quality, so you can fill up your Visit Izola glass bottle with ease. 



Tip: The Visit Izola bottle can also be filled at one of the water sources found in the countryside of Izola, as the water there is also drinkable. 

These water sources used to be the only resource of water in the countryside.

Indispensable beach accessories

Everyone likes to spend their free days on the beach under the hot sun and in the (not so much) cold sea. In addition to the water bottle, that will take care of your hydration, and sunscreen, we also recommend the Visit Izola cap. In our online shop, you will also find microfibre towels that are extremely light and take up very little space in your beach bag. They are especially popular with sports enthusiasts and recreationists.

Tip: Everyone who enjoys active summer can rent a SUP board at the tourist information center in Izola and embark on a journey of discovering beaches from a different perspective.

Local flavours at the seasonal marketplace

Treating your body to seasonal and locally sourced food isn’t only healthy but also beneficial to the environment. Have you already visited our farmer's market Ruba sz moje njive (“Stuff from my field”) offering produce every Wednesday and Saturday? You’ll find it in 1st May Avenue (Drevored 1. maja) near the Agraria store. For shopping in the store or at the local market we recommend using the Visit Izola cotton bag

Tip: If you want to visit a slightly larger market, you can rent an e-scooter at our tourist information center and ride along the coastal road all the way to Koper.

Listen to the story of fisherman Bepi

Those of you who have visited Izolana and participated in the fun children's game Museum Detective already know the story of fisherman Bepi. You might have even met him at one of the summer events in Izola. If you'd like to get to know him a little bit better, quickly make a reservation for the Museum Detective, which is carried out in Izolana in the morning or in the afternoon.

Tip: We believe that Bepi will impress the children so much that they will be happy to take him home in the form of a plush toy.

Captured moments in the book about Izola

The summer moments such as the sound of crickets in the shade of trees, the smell of the sea, sunsets, and seafood specialties unfortunately cannot be taken home, but memories of those beautiful moments can stay with us throughout the year. Especially, if you take the book about Izola with you! We're sure you won't be able to stop flipping through the pages of this wonderful collection of photographs and thoughts. You'll find plenty of your favourite hidden corners in it, while others will impress you so much that you'll soon return to find them.

Tip: Flip the pages while your wrist is adorned with the Visit Izola bracelet. The combination will make you reminisce about the summer. You don't believe it? Give it a try!

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