Treasure hunt in Izolana


Do your children already know fisherman Bepi and his exciting life? If your answer is no, now is the time to apply for an interactive game Museum Detective, through which they will discover the secrets of the rich history of Izola while searching for a hidden treasure.

The children will hear stories about fisherman Bepi and learn about life by the sea in the past. Through puzzles and challenges they will find out when the fish are fresh, what is essential equipment on a fishing boat, why fish are canned, which were the first fish-processing factories in Izola and learn the difference between blue and white fish. As befits true little fishermen, they will learn how to tie knots. They will also hear about other important personalities of Izola… With the help of a cartographer Pietro Coppo they will discover the first map of Istria and help Bepi set sail from Umag to Trieste. As several Olympic medals have found their home in Izola, they will also get to know the most successful local athletes. Just so they don’t get bored, they will have to imitate them in a game of charades. They will “travel” through tunnels of the former railway called Parenzana all the way to Buje, where Bepi’s love interest Franca used to live. She will teach the children about wotk in a fish-processing factory. And then it will be time for … treasure hunting!

In the last part of the two-hour gathering there will be enough time for a creative workshop, where children will get to know model building and create their own special sea souvenir.

Who can participate?

The Museum Detective game, led by an animator, is suitable for curious children between 7 and 12 years of age, eager to explore and learn, who can already read and write. You can register your children for the game at the Tourist information centre or in Izolana – House of the Sea. At least 4 children must be registered for the game to take place. The maximum number of children that can participate at a time is 10. Parents are not present during the game; they leave their children in Izolana and pick them up at an agreed time.

The game can be carried out in English and/or Italian as well.


Prior reservation at the Izola Tourist information center is mandatory. You can also make your reservation via email 

Other times are available upon agreement.

Price: 20,00 EUR / child.

Come and join us! Bepi's stories await for you in Izolana – House of the Sea.


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