Concert: Thursday nights at Špina - Soul, jazz in jaz


Location: Largo pri Špini (Ljubljanska street)

Time: 8.30 pm

Free entry

Singer Anja Hrastovšek, 13 years ago, founded a band with the funny name SOUL, JAZZ AND JAZ. Who knew then that it would catch on and the band would be very active all these years, although few people can say the name in the right order. They became a regular fixture of Slovenian, and especially Ljubljana's popular concert venues and gained quite a few loyal listeners. Despite the fact that for once they are just recreating music and making adaptations of legendary Slovenian and foreign songs, they have successfully brought their own sound to well-known melodies. Jazzers by training and soul, they boast a distinctive interpretation, a slightly different approach to pop and disco and a lot of improvisation.

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