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The vision of the Izola Tourism Board is for Izola to be recognized in the international space as a small authentic, former fishing town by the sea, where visitors can experience the true Mediterranean spirit.

Tourist Board Izola

Who are we and what do we do?

Tourist Board Izola is an economic interest organization and an umbrella destination management organization whose key task is the development and promotion of tourism in Izola.

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TOP 5 ideas for teambuilding and business meetings in Izola

Our small fishing town may attract mainly those who want to escape from the mundane everyday life and relax, but the range of experiences we have developed in recent years also caters to curious and active guests. Tailor-made experiences are also perfect for team building or business meetings. If you want to organize them by the sea and get to know Izola in a slightly different way, we invite you to take a look at the suggestions below.

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Our projects

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Izola - Digital Island

The project “Izola – Digital Island” is co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the European Regional Development Fund. As the name itself suggests, the project focuses mainly on the digitalization of Izola’s cultural heritage. The goal of the project is to create a national digital collection / inventory of cultural heritage. This is an opportunity for each destination to bring its heritage closer to the public in an innovative way. This is very welcome especially in these coronavirus-prone times, when travel is still quite limited. Thus, the step towar...

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Culinary treasures of Istria and of the sea (MARISTRA)

The purpose of this project is to set up a high-quality, highly competitive product, based on the culinary treasures of Istria, which represents infrastructure enabling the stakeholders to network, develop an innovative and comprehensive offer of local products, benefit from joint promotional and marketing activities for the culinary and tourist services available in Istria, and promote the quality of the offer. The LAS Istra region will, therefore, become an important, high-quality culinary destination, in the framework of which the role of the main promoters will be played by providers of hi...

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Destination development

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Tourism Development Strategy

The Municipality of Izola, in cooperation with the Izola Tourist Board and other key actors in the tourism sector, has formulated a Tourism Development Strategy for the period from 2021 to 2025, which is the basis for planning tourism development. 

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Sustainability Report

The destination of Izola officially committed to the implementation of sustainable policies on all levels in July 2020, with the solemn signing of the Green Policy. However, sustainable development has already been an important guideline in all activities so far. 

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Visitors of Izola

In order to further develop the destination, Tourist Board Izola has implemented several strategic projects in support of the planned development. We have defined the target personas among our guests and prepared strategic guidelines for the development of the destination, which are already taken into account in the implementation of activities. Since we defined the personas on the basis of our knowledge, observation, monitoring of tourist trends and desired results, we wanted to verify the persons in practice in collaboration with Arhea Solutio d.o.o.

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TIC Tourist Information Center

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Tjaša Likar

Public relations

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Taja Šavron

head of Tourist information center

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Essential tips and advice for tourists during floods in Slovenia

After the severe floods that hit parts of Slovenia last weekend, the situation is calming down. The majority of the country was not severely affected and remains open for guests and visitors. However, some areas are still inaccessible, and road and rail connections are disrupted in some places. If y...

Tips on how to spend your time in Izola

Roman evening in the archaeological park Date: 21 July Duration: 7:30 PM to 21:30 PM Location: Simonov zaliv Archaeological park Price: 35,00 € / person Save yourself a spot: here Applications will be accepted until 18 July. This one-time event in the Archaeological Park Simonov zaliv will take...

Financial support for the implementation of sustainable and/or digitisation-oriented activities

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