Culinary event: Gušti Ištrijani


Location: Lonka

Time: 4.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Free entry

On Saturday, 27 May 2023, from 16h-22h, LAS Istria is organising the event "GUŠTI ISTRIJANI" at Lonka in Izola, which aims to promote local Istrian products, produce and suppliers and cuisine.

16.00 - 21.30: Market of local Istrian culinary delicacies and products

- Tastes of authentic Istria: "street food" style cuisine with a focus on a selection of local dishes and "0km" providers

- Indulge in a noble drop: selected winemakers of Slovenian Istria

- Get to know local crafts: sale of local products and produce

19.00 - 20.00: cultural programme, presentation of LAS Istria projects

20.00 - 21.30: live music, concert of the band NE ME JUGAT

Organiser: LAS ISTRE


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