Obala Ultra – Trail


Location: Slovenian Istria

OBALA Ultra-Trail ® is an outdoor sports event that unites Izola, Koper, Piran and Kozina. The vision and purpose of the event is to present the beauty of Slovenian Istria to the world through running on unforgettable trails in the area.

The purpose of the event is to socialize with fellow runners from all over Europe, running, outdoor activities and lots of good fun…

You are kindly invited to the OBALA Ultra-Trail®, where you will enjoy the beautiful nature by the sea and views that reach far accross the Adriatic.

Feel our positive energy, taste the finest local wines, olive oils and prosciutto. Let's have fun together on St. Martin's Day, take a break from the everyday pace and stress of life.

Welcome to OBALA Ultra-Trail!

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TIC Izola +386 5 640 10 50 tic.izola@izola.si
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