Open Days of Istria's Wineries - OKI


Location: Slovenian Istria

Time: 12.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Entrance fee: 20 €

The ticket includes a tasting glass, a wine sachet, and 3 samples from each of the participating winemakers - Tickets and glasses will be available for purchase at the stand in front of the Vinakoper on the day of the event, from 9 am onwards.

List of participating winemakers:

- Vinska klet Iztok Plahuta

- Ekološka kmetija Plahuta

- Turistična kmetija Lukač

- Bio Organic Vina Montis & Eko Laura

- Domačija Ražman

- Vina Valenčak 

- Montemoro

- Vina Santomas

- Vina Kralj

- Vina Bordon

- Vinakoper

- Kmetija Jogan

- Vina Korenika & Moškon * AFTER PARTY with DJ Matej from 6 pm

- Vina Zaro

- Kmetija Mahnič 


After the wine tastings, there will be an after-party at Korenika and Moškon in Korte with DJ Adriano Roy from 6 pm.


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