Experience the countryside of Izola with a local


Are you ready to discover the secrets of Izola’s countryside, mingle with the friendly locals, find out about the customs and traditions and stroll through different historical periods? As you can see in the video below, Tomaž has enjoyed this experience, but now we are inviting you to join the locals and have your own unforgettable adventure.

On a trip with Rozana

A prize competition Day with a local was organized by The Tourist Board Izola, the main prize of which being a day spent in the company of the local inhabitants who eagerly assumed the role of tourist guides. Tomaž and his friend Mateja accompanied by Rozana, her family and other friends from the countryside, experienced an unforgettable day filled with friendly acquaintances, local tastes, farming activities and many other surprises.

Watch the video below!

Experience a day with the locals

How did you like the day Tomaž and Mateja had spent with Rozana in Izola’s countryside? 

If the video has inspired you and you wish to see it all first-hand, we have a special treat: A Day with a Local in the Countryside of Izola. This unique and authentic experience allows you to learn about the village of Korte together with a local host and her friends. They will be happy to welcome you and show you the beauty of the countryside, but most importantly, their stories and anecdotes will soon make you realize why they love Izola so much. And you will surely fall in love with it yourself...

Join the locals in exploring the hinterland of Izola and book the experience on our website!

Welcomed by delicious local crostoli

Tomaž and Mateja began their adventure at Stara šola Korte, a boutique accommodation in the pristine countryside, boasting a perfect starting point for cycling and hiking activities. After a pampering breakfast consisting of local delicacies, they began their discovery of Izola’s countryside only to conclude their day with relaxing moments by the hotel’s pool. At least, so they thought at first, until Rozana showed up with a surprise. What happened? Read on to discover the rest!

Rozana awaited her guests with a smile and a basket full of tasty crostoli, called hroštoli in Slovenian. Have you ever heard about this typical Istrian pastry? Both guests were instantly fascinated by it! After this tasty snack, they continued their route. First, the road led them to Korte – the largest village in Izola’s countryside boasting enchanting views on the neighbouring villages and the Šavrini hills, having the power to take them 5,000 years back in time.  

Do you wish to know about the origin of the old Korte school “Stara šola Korte”? In 1819, the first Slovenian school was opened in the building and classes were held there continuously for over two centuries.

Following the path of the Histri up to the most magnificent view

The group, lead by Rozana and her friend Slavica, headed up the hill towards the hillfort where our ancient ancestors, the Histri, had built their homes a few thousand years ago. Slavica who is a local guide, licenced for tours through the archaeological park, prepared an original experience for them. She gave the guests authentic Histrian names: Galga, Lucilia and Aviko, dressed them in garments designed after original folklore, and took them on a journey back in time with stories about life in the hillfort where people used to live closely bonded with nature.

The experience was topped with a special activity; Tomaž and Mateja encountered Milena, a friend of Rozana’s, with whom they made a clay handmade bowl: similar to those used by the Histri to eat food from. During your visit to the hillfort, you can taste the delicious ancient-recipe plate, too. Do you want to know which ingredients it contains? Only Rozana can reveal this secret!

Kaštelir (hillfort) is a site where you can enjoy not only magnificent views upon the Sečovlje pans and unforgettable sunsets, but it is also a place for family or group events. Book a guided tour here.


Are you able to carry laundry on your head?

Even before his arrival, Tomaž was interested in the culture of the neighbouring towns and places. He was instantly thrilled about the idea of trying to do laundry at the old water source of Frata together with Mateja and carrying laundry on his head the traditional way, just like our grandmas used to do it. Water sources in the countryside used to be the only distribution systems of drinking water in the past. That is why the local people used water respectfully and carefully since water was not available in abundance as it is common today.

Would you like to discover water sources and their tradition? Join the hike Along the paths of water sources, organized twice a year (in spring and autumn) by the Association for Culture and Tourism Šparžin. Many water sources around Korte are located on private properties and are not reachable during private visits. We advise you to rather join organized walks.

Follow the events on our website and make a note of our next appointment!

Tasting local delicacies in the shade of an olive tree

The village of Baredi above Izola is a wonderful location for walks and cycling tours amidst vast vineyards and olive groves, from where you can enjoy picturesque vistas on Izola, your view extending upon the white stone beach of Bele skale. The Ronkaldo farm, where the owner Miran Adamič together with his family produces organic olive oil, offered the visiting group a tasty degustation of olive oils, produced in an eco-friendly way.

Your visit of Izola’s hinterland will be complete only if you stop at one of our local inns or restaurants. The guests delighted their palates at the delicacies prepared at the traditional inn Gostilna Korte. On this occasion, they preferred to choose another venue, the olive grove at Ronkaldo farm.

Are you keen on tasting homemade olive oil that was attributed several quality awards and recognitions? At the purchase of Izola’s basket, you shall receive, among other local specialities, also a bottle of Ronkaldo olive oil.

How about you, would you dare to take a hoe in your hand?

Rozana really managed to enrich the day of Tomaž and Mateja with her adventures, friends’ gatherings and her unstoppable energy. At Milena’s, where the couple designed their own Histrian bowl, they learned about herbs and the secret recipes for homemade liquor. Rozana even showed them her own garden. Rozana had the chance to rest a little bit while the couple practiced working the soil with hoe around the tomatoes. Of course, following her indications – each plant had to get a certain amount of water just like it used to be distributed to each inhabitant in the past.

Rozana’s attitude and respect for nature should guide us toward a more friendly approach and relationship with nature. Some green guidelines are found among the little green secrets of the locals.

A culinary surprise under the stars

The daily experience was beautifully rounded up at the magical site of the San Simon Bay archaeological park. The surprise event, organized by Rozana together with a part of Tourist Board Izola team, impressed the guests. A perfectly set table, full of delicacies, waited for them in the idyllic park by the seaside. They were taken 2,000 years back in time on another journey. Our beautiful Izola attracted visitors in all historical periods. Romans settled here too, proof being the remnants of vast seaside Roman villas.

To resume, archaeological remains, travelling in the past and Roman tastes? The guests were fascinated by the luxurious dinner, prepared by the villicus (Roman villa caretaker), and eagerly listened to stories from Roman times while admiring the enchanting sunset. The event was topped with a dance by an Aquileia dancer. It goes without saying that this extraordinary performance was most appreciated by the guests.

Book a boutique experience Roman tastes under the stars, an elaborated combination of dramatically designed scenery, culinary experience and a story from the past. 

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