The forgotten
secret of

Do you dare uncover it? You have just been extended an invitation to a journey of discovering one of the best hidden secrets of Izola.

Outdoor adventure game

Every town hides some undiscovered secrets. And we all love those. Izola, a town famous for fish, wine and kind locals, has a deeply buried and somewhat forgotten secret which you will have a chance to find. You will be digitally accompanied on the journey by a hidden companion, Izola’s guide and an invisible friend.

Because the secret that will be revealed to you must remain hidden, at the very end of your journey, you will have to solemnly swear to guard it closely. Let it forever live in your heart, but it must never be revealed to anyone else. You will also get a special reward for making the oath.

But the adventurous journey to get there will not be easy. First, you will need to solve various challenges – puzzles, anagrams, rebuses, and you will also have to test your negotiating skills as well as discover just how photogenic you are. Each solved puzzle will uncover a piece of Izola’s secret and stories told by the town centre. Only the most determined and curious among you will reach the end of the journey.

What will the experience be like?

The game takes place outdoors – in Izola’s town centre. The starting/finishing point is Izolana – House of the Sea. Here, every player will get their own tablet, where they will find the app that will take them through 11 challenges, all connected by a first-person story. Every correct solution will grant you fish, while time will also be an important factor in the end. The game will be finished when all challenges and tasks are completed.

Who is it for?

The adventure game is intended for adult knowledge-seeking souls, interested in stories and of an active and fun-loving character. It is also available for families with older children (10+ years of age). The game is also suitable for groups of up to 5 people. And finally, it can even be a competition of 2 groups at the same time. Each group is placed on a joint competition list with their own result

When can I attend?

The game can be played any time that Izolana – House of the Sea is open. A schedule with hours can be found in our online shop. We recommend booking the game in advance or buying your ticket in our online shop to ensure your spot. The game will take you about 1-2 hours.

Are you ready for a journey of discovery?

Your secret companion is already waiting for you! The journey will be a fun experience for those who already know Izola as well as for those who have never been here before. Listen carefully to the words of your invisible friend, as he is an excellent rhetorician and story teller – his words always carry a secret message or a hint ... Are you ready?

  • 35 €  / 1-2 PERSONS
  • 60 €  / 3-5 PERSONS
  • 100 €  / 2 GROUPS, (MAX. 10 PERSONS)

“Awesome, fun, intense, educational, excellent”

The forgotten secret of Izola was tested by a team of journalists and a team of locals – people of Izola who are active in the tourist-hospitality sector. They competed against each other to try and win in this fun and adventurous game. Despite the locals believing they know their town well, they discovered numerous secrets during the game that they had known nothing about. The task was not so simple. The team of journalists was one person short, as their fourth member had to cancel right before the start. Who do you think won? Locals, who thought they knew everything about their town, or journalists, who were a person short, but possess a strong sense of exploration? Watch the video below.

It was a tough competition all the way to the end, but this time, the team of journalists was victorious, as they solved all 11 challenges better and faster. But regardless of winning or not, both teams had a lot of fun. Just as the saying goes: “The most important thing is not winning but taking part.”

»Although I grew up in Izola, today’s experience made me realize that I don’t know it that well. As a local, I rediscovered this small, but lovely jewel. Come to Izola, and discover it for yourselves as well! You won’t regret it.«

What do our guests say about the experience?

The experience allows the visitors to discover all the beautiful spots – small streets, squares, parks, the sea, palaces etc. It is a walk filled with knowledge, and it offers the discovery of Izola in a different way – through stories that only a handful of people know about. And then there is the “grand finale” and the unveiling of the deeply buried Izola’s secret.

A great and relaxed experience for the whole group. Different personalities and competences come to the fore during the game – some members are quick to solve challenges, the other knowledgeable in history, while others still are good at orientation. With regard to age, the game is suitable for all who like to actively discover towns, their hidden stories, and especially for those that like to have fun!

“Awesome, fun, intense, educational, excellent”

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