Children's performance: The fairytale of Santa Claus Land - Ice Island


Location: Park Pietro Coppo

Time: 6.00 pm

Free entry


Lea is a little girl who is slowly beginning to doubt that Santa Claus exists. When she can't sleep on Christmas Eve, she gets a surprise: she meets a very real Santa's elf in her living room! In exchange for not betraying him to the adults, he takes her to Santa's wonderland, where we learn that the most important thing is to always be happy - no matter how things look at first sight! We also learn to sing the Santa's Elves song, dance the Elves dance, learn to do magic and even teach Leo how to juggle! And when we end up making a wish come true, even for the very real Santa, there's no doubt that he really exists...

The performance is in Slovenian language.

The event is organised by CKŠP

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