Olives, Wine and Fish Festival


After last year's return of the traditional feast, the traditional 19th Olive, Wine and Fish Festival is returning to the old town centre of Izola this year. The event will take place on 2 and 3 June 2023 from 7 pm to midnight.


The venues will be on Ljubljanska Street, Verdi Street and Manzioli Square. Stands will be set up in these areas, where coastal winegrowers and olive growers will be exhibiting their products and where you will be able to taste and buy wines, oils and olive oil products. In addition to winemakers and olive growers, there will also be stalls selling cheese, homemade cakes, chocolates, spreads, pasta, truffles, pickled vegetables and fruit, honey and handicrafts and arts and crafts. There will also be catering for a variety of fish dishes - brodet, sardines, seafood pasta and other delicacies from our region.

As tradition dictates, on Friday, 2 June, the annual selection of the Mayor's Wine and Olive Oil will be announced.

The celebration will feature performances by:

Mopz Delfin Izola,
Žiga Rustja & band,
Kompanija Izolana,
Stevo and Žučo,
Trio Lipa,
Coastal Cultural Society of Harmonica Players Izola,
Mopz Izola,
Klapa Mali grad,
Cracked Goblins,
Duo Artcoustic and

You can see the full programme here.

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