Pier of tastes III


Location: North pier

Time: 11.00 am - 10.00 pm

Free entry

The season of street food events in Izola continues. Once again, we will be enjoying the excellent cuisine of Slovenian Istria, including seafood and specialities of the Istrian countryside. Istrian winemakers will be there to make sure your plate of local delicacies is completed with exquisite wine. Local gin and craft beer lovers will also be in for a treat, and fans of sweets will be delighted with dessert masterpieces.

Food and drink 

Guest stand - Žlikrofi Teja & Zajc brewery (ID 20 Institute)

Friends from Idrija and the surrounding area will also present their flavors at the Pier of Tastes in June. At the guest stand, they will greet you with žlikrofi, a traditional dish served with various sauces. And don’t forget to get ready for a refreshing drink from the Zajc brewery, located in the heart of the Divje Babe Archaeological Park. Reopening its doors after 200 years, the brewery offers beer that is anything but Neanderthal – it's modern and local.

First time with us - Krmac & Kralj

A few years ago, friends Andrej Krmac and Matej Kralj started the successful story of Ištrijankica, offering delicacies from Slovenian Istria. You might have encountered them at various events, but this is their first appearance at the Pier of Tastes, where they will delight with their wines and other Istrian specialties. You can also visit them at their homes – Kralj Wines will happily welcome you in their tasting room, and Krmac invites you to their "osmica," where there is no shortage of good wine and authentic Istrian cuisine.

Altrokè – there is no Pier of Tastes without mussels! Picture this: a sizzling pan of mussels, or tortellini delicately nestled in a wheel of cheese. Which option would you choose? And fear not, meat lovers, they have something for you as well.

Bujol ensures a great experience! It's synonymous with traditional seafood cuisine. Alen will enchant your taste buds with fresh catches grilled over charcoal. A visit to their stand promises to be an experience like no other.

The Fogy tartufi stand is a must-visit for all truffle enthusiasts. Take home a tasty supply of truffles, cheeses, salami, and treat yourself to a mouth-watering portion of truffle-infused pasta.

Gorki chili will bring some heat to the Pier! Chili sauces crafted from the fruits of Istrian soil will add a spicy kick to their pizzas. Grabbing a slice is always a good idea, isn't it?

When was the last time you savored expertly sliced prosciutto? Visit the Memon Prosciutto e Vino CF stand where Zoran, who is a certified prosciutto cutter and sommelier, showcase the distinctive flavor of hand-cut prosciutto. Prosciutto from Istria to Spain and beyond!

Tine & Damjana are the masters of Istrian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Restaurant Pri Tinetu convinces with its homely charm, a hint of daring creativity and the irresistible aroma of dishes cooked on the "green egg".

Di Kappa Tartufi stands out for their truffle plantations and a legacy spanning over 30 years. At the Pier of Tastes, they serve as the ideal destination for connoisseurs of premium meats and tuna, perfectly complemented by the essence of truffles, naturally!

At Gamberin, you'll find a selection of primarily fried or grilled seafood delights. There’s an unwritten rule that says that anyone who comes to Izola must have at least one plate of sardines. And now, you know exactly where to find them.

Attention all sushi enthusiasts! You have to stop by the stand of Nori Sushi, which surprises with its creativity and innovation. Have you ever experienced Istrian sushi?

Rozana and her team at the Šparžin Cultural Association are synonymous with the finest fritole (Istrian fried doughnuts) in the region. They will delight your palate with the flavors of the Istrian countryside, known for its hearty and authentic dishes.

The colors of the countryside are also represented by the Malija Cultural Association. They make delicious pies with seasonal ingredients and mouth-watering pastries that will leave you licking your fingers in delight.

Take a refreshing break at the Zvon Café stand, where you can indulge in bubble tea and other drinks. Treat yourself to delightful sweets, including colorful macarons and seasonal-inspired desserts.

Yellow, yellower, the yellowest! Limoni Šik is chic, vibrant, and perfect for hanging out in good company at the pier. The limoncello, made with sunny Amalfi lemons, tastes like summer!

Zaro Wines epitomize the tradition and the values cultivated by the family for over a hundred years. Produced sustainably with profound respect for the land, their wines sure to satisfy even the most discerning wine connoisseurs.

The sophisticated combination of bubbles and oysters, served by an inseparable trio of friends, is a real treat. Sparkling Oysters bring a breath of diversity to the Pier of Tastes and broaden our horizons.

Wine, olives and tasty spreads can be found at the stand of the Božič family, which has been producing wine since 1902. Spanning 10 hectares of land, they cultivate 30,000 vines in a sustainable manner, focusing primarily on Refosco and Malvazija varietals.

At the Vina Markovič stand, you'll encounter warm smiles and a selection of award-winning wines. Their latest success are gold medals in the white wine category for Malvasia 2022 and 2023 at the Sommelier Selection 2024.

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