Theatre play for children: Magical Vililandia - Ice Island


Location: Park Pietro Coppo

Time: 6.00 pm

Free entry

A fairytale show takes us to the wonderland of Vililandia, where everything is possible, even growing up.
overnight. But just like here, there are rules in Vililandia. And whoever disobeys, grows...
The story of two Malines who had a strange desire to grow big overnight will make you laugh,
and remind you how good it is to be a child. In the land of Vililandia, they have a miraculous device
Chinkushampi, which conjures up everything and which only the Velini can use to make magic. But even though
magic is forbidden for the Malins, the Malins decide to do magic in the Velina
and grow overnight.
The awkward and hilarious adventures with Chinkushampi and the strict and big Gombo will make you
will have fun and laugh at Velina too. It's a good thing that Malina can summon Velina from the
from the audience, who reach a big red bumblin' and help them undo what they've done.
Through the tense and funny action, the Malinas realise that they'd rather stay small and be
big one day, when they are big. "One day we'll be Velina, but until then we'll be Malina", they say with the help of
friends, through laughter and funny stories, they got to know Malina and played on...
Designed for children from two years old.

Predstava je v slovenskem jeziku.

The event is organised by CKŠP

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