Experience Izola on a SUP board


The beach is a great place to start exploring the coast of Izola, while enjoying the calm sea. Take a trip on a SUP, which allows the most avid of you to visit all eight of the beaches of Izola. This simple and easy activity is suitable for everyone, even the less experienced who will have lots of fun learning a new skill.

Breakfast under olive trees

Wake up on a 90 m high cliff, listening to the sound of crickets, among olive trees and pines, with a glorious view of the Gulf of Trieste. All of this is possible in Camping Belvedere, a perfect spot for lovers of nature and sports enthusiasts. You can brighten up your day by visiting saunas, playing tennis or golf, or by renting an e-bike and going for a picnic among olive trees – Belvedere resort hotels offer all the above.

Out of the tent and into the crystal-clear sea

Right at the foot of the campsite, you will see the Bele skale beach. To get there you need to walk along the themed trail of Strunjan Landscape park, and follow the steep adventuristic path along the coast and towards the Ronek cape. Everyone can find their spot here, even dogs. “Peace in the embrace of the cliff, caress of sunrays, refreshing sea, a book on the towel, an excited dog … anything else?”

Stand up paddling – nothing easier than that

During calm seas the beach is a perfect location for starting an exploration of the coast of Izola. Embark on a SUP journey and visit all eight beaches in Izola. This simple activity is suitable for anyone, as you can choose the paddleboard according to your physical fitness. Beginners can choose a larger board, so you don’t lose too much energy finding balance. In any case you will have fun and learn a new skill.

You can rent a paddleboard at the TIC Izola office: every day between 9 am and 7 pm during the summer season.

Stories from Roman times

Paddle all the way to Simon`s bay, visit the Archeological Park Simonov zaliv and go diving among the remains of a Roman port. You can also see the remains of a Roman villa on land in the park. In the sandy bay you can have a refreshment in the bars Bambus or Sun & Sea, if you’re hungry there’s also San Simon Bistro with a wide selection of food.

Make your loyal companion happy

Izola is one of the most dog-friendly towns. In the company of your four-legged companion, you can paddle to the dog beach, where dogs carelessly enjoy themselves and you don’t have to mind dirty looks. For a cherry on top visit the dog bakery and make your dog’s day. Perhaps you’re considering a treatment in a dog grooming salon after the intense swimming experience?

The beach at the foot of Belvedere, your safe harbour

Although you’re certainly in great physical shape, you tirelessly want a break after finding your balance on the paddleboard. End your trip on the beach at the foot of Belvedere cliff. #VištaPodBelvo is already prepared for another photograph. Treat yourself to a well-deserved refreshment in the shade of poplar trees in Plac pod Belvederjem, where dancers and night owls are very welcome during summer evenings.

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