Dive Deep Into Culturally Rich Experiences


Izolana is the city's largest treasure trove of cultural heritage and stories of the past. However, there are plenty of cultural experiences to be had in Izola's alleyways, by the sea, and even in the surrounding countryside. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of Izola's culturally vibrant and sustainable experiences.

The forgotten secret of Izola

The Forgotten Secret of Izola is an adventure game that will take you on a unique journey of discovery around Izola's old town, while giving your brain a nice little workout and, of course, having loads of fun. The game starts and ends at Izolana, but is played outdoors, in the area of Izola's old town centre. A digital guide on a tablet will guide you through 11 challenges and tasks designed to help you explore Izola.

You will discover all the hidden and not so hidden treasures of the cultural heritage of Izola, the tales of the town centre and compete for a spot on the top adventurers' list. And there's a surprise gift waiting for you at the end.

Are you ready to try it?

Visit the Archaeological Park

From Izolana, you can walk (to make it sustainable) to another notable landmark that bears witness to the life of the people of Izola in ancient times - the Archaeological Park of San Simon, which is a cultural monument of national significance. The park offers you the unique opportunity to explore what life was like in the area during the times of the Romans. This very spot was once the site of a seaside villa with a harbor, as evidenced by archaeological finds that can still be seen today.

The park also offers kids’ summer workshops, as well as scuba diving sessions and a guided tour of the underwater section of the former harbor. And in the evenings, it becomes the venue for very, very special dinner parties. If you fancy becoming a Roman for a day, skip the video and read on!

Watch the video below to find out more and get a taste of what awaits you at the park!

To avoid getting bored on your walk from Izolana and the Archaeological Park, use your mobile device to hop back in time with the Izola's Kanočal app!

Evening Events in the Park

The Archaeological Park sits in a picture-postcard setting that makes it easy to fantasize about the luxurious, indulgent lives of the Romans who used to spend their days in the villa and its surroundings centuries ago. But why stop at fantasizing when you can live it? Let us give you a truly memorable experience and bring the past into the present. The park offers a unique experience - Roman tastes under the stars.

Bask in Roman delights, try some typical Roman cuisine and surrender to hedonism. Book your experience!


The History of Izola’s Countryside

Head back in time to yet another historical period in the rural surroundings of Izola, in the village of Korte.

Visit the prehistoric site of Kaštelir (hillfort) and get a closer look at the life of the Histri and some of the most breathtaking views of the Sečovlje Salt Pans. You can take a walk, bring your dog, or ride there on your bike. The locals, who know this part of Izola like the backs of their hands, will gladly take you on a guided tour of Kaštelir.

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