A trip to the hillfort of Izola


There is an abundance of natural and cultural heritage to enjoy in the countryside of Izola. Beautiful views that reach to the Sečovlje Salt Pans, stories from prehistoric period, anecdotes you hear from friendly locals... You can experience all of the above and more when you visit the village of Korte and the Kašler Archaeological Park.

Kašler Archaeological Park

Only 15 minutes driving from Izola’s city center is the village of Korte – a unique gem of the countryside. The Histri people settled here 5,000 years ago, building their home on the hill above the village. The prehistoric hillfort in Korte, also called Kaštelir, is the largest settlement of its kind in Slovenian Istria. The former home of our ancestors is now a beautiful archaeological park, where cultural heritage is inextricably coupled with nature.

Visiting the hillfort is a wonderful idea for a family trip; the path leading there is suitable even for small children who like to walk. The unspoiled nature surrounding the park can also be a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure. The easiest way to get from Izola to Korte is by car, but those who are more physically active can opt for cycling.

When you arrive in Korte, park in the center of the village in front of the House of the cooperative, then walk towards the village school. The trail takes you up a slight incline for about 15 minutes, but it gets gentler towards the end. A large clearing with an open-air amphitheater opens up at the top. The view of the Sečovlje Salt Pans is breathtaking!

Follow the signs on the way to the archeological park.  A typical Istrian “kažeta” (storeroom) is hiding among the trees right before arriving at the top of the hill. Do you know what “kažeta” was used for?

Experience at the hillfort

All avid explorers can join a real prehistoric experience! It is organized by the locals, who will take you around the hidden corners of the hillfort and teach you about life once upon a time. We can guarantee that the tales and stories will make you feel the spirit of the past, at least for a moment.

You can add an authentic prehistoric meal to the usual tour of the archaeological park. Surprise your children with a unique adventure. For an hour or two, they can become little archaeologists searching for prehistoric remains in the archaeological sandbox.

Book your prehistoric experience here!

Viewpoint: Istrian Viewpoint

In Korte you will also find one of Izola's vantage points where you can see the center of the village with its distinctive bell tower. To admire the view of the village from another perspective, which is also very photogenic, visit the terrace of Korte Restaurant or Hiša Torkla Restaurant.

Impressed by the view and exceptional food – you will leave Korte with beautiful memories. Tag us in your photos: #VisitIzola #IzolaView #VistaIzola

There are many ideas for spending the day in the Izola countryside still left. The villages of Izola offer plenty of experiences.

We suggest you to trust Rozana’s suggestions. As a friendly local full of knowledge, she will undoubtedly convince you to come back.


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