Discover 10 Izola viewpoints


Izola views are viewpoints that will take your breath away, allow you to create unforgettable photographs (with your loved ones or by yourself), and leave a magical lasting impression of Izola. In good weather, most of these spots offer a view of Izola in the embrace of beautiful alpine mountains, with our highest peak of Mount Triglav among them. Not to mention the magical sunsets …

1. Cycling in the hinterland of Izola

Cycle to the viewpoint #VištaParenzana, where you can discover the inevitable connection of the city and nature with the calming view over Izola, surrounded by fields and gardens. Every once in a while, you will hear a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, while in the summer you will be accompanied by the smell of fresh figs.

If you have a furry friend, the surrounding area offers a special attraction Izola dog park, a green area where you can enjoy spending peaceful and carefree time with your dog. The sporty types can enjoy the nearby outdoor fitness, where you can exercise and regain your energy for exploring the secrets of nature.

The Route of Health and Friendship will lead the cyclists through the Šalet tunnel, among orchards and vineyards to Strunjan and even farther. Along the way you can enjoy the local farmers’ delights, which are otherwise available at the farmer’s market Ruba sz moje njive (Stuff from my field).

2. Have coffee with a view

This is most definitely one of the most beautiful views of Izola. Right beside the Kamin restaurant, you will be enticed by the extraordinary smells of Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine. You’ll feel like royalty at the viewpoint #BelvederskaVišta, looking over the town and the Gulf of Trieste from 100 m above sea level. Your selfie will be spectacular!

In the Kamin restaurant, you can have an exquisite meal or just enjoy a cup of coffee with a wonderful view. You can relax in the magical saunas or bathe in the outdoor swimming pool in the nearby hotel complex Belvedere.

3. The path of discovery in the Strunjan Landscape Park

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy a themed walk above the Strunjan cliff, all the way to the viewpoint #VištaBeleSkale overlooking the Bele skale beach and Izola. This is an excellent spot for an evening stroll or meditation in the light of a fairy-tale-like sunset.

4. Refreshment in a marine paradise of your choice

The tourist train will take you all the way to Belvedere, from where you can walk down to the Pod Belvederjem beach. There, you will also find the #VištaPodBelvo viewpoint with a beautiful view towards the Izola Marina. You will be impressed. Only a few steps away is the sandy San Simon beach, where you can see the remains of a Roman villa in the archaeological park.

You’re in a great spot to pick a marine paradise of your choice…

5. The most popular panoramic viewpoint

Descend a little further down the road and visit the viewpoint #IzolskaVišta, which boasts a majestic view of Izola and the entire Gulf of Trieste – a wonderful place for photographers who like to take their time to observe. From this spot, Izola is going to shine in all its glory and openness to the sea, where you can see the boats passing by.

6. The view from the ninety-ninth step

The ascent to the ninety-ninth step of the 39 m high bell-tower of the St. Maurus Church promises an incredible aerial perspective of old houses in the town centre. From the viewpoint #VištaZvonik, you can observe the Izola Marina in the distance, while the town’s pier will direct your view towards the majestic Strunjan cliffs. The bell-tower is a wonderful starting point for exploring the cultural sights of Izola.

7. A stroll by the port of Izola

While taking a stroll down the Sončno nabrežje promenade, stop by the viewpoint #SončnaVišta and admire the town in the port’s shade. Perhaps the view of boats will awaken the desire to explore the town’s marine secrets in Izolana – House of the Sea, which also hides a treasure, waiting to be discovered by young museum detectives

8. On a dreamy beach looking at the Alps

Viewpoint #VištaSvetilnik will create a lasting impression. In good weather, you can enjoy the view of snow-covered Alps tucked behind the lighthouse. It is right here that their beauty truly comes to the fore. Experience an unforgettable view at the Svetilnik beach – from Mesečev zaliv, Trieste, Debeli rtič, all the way to Koper.

9. In the heart of the Izola countryside

Only a few kilometres from the town you are in a completely peaceful, natural environment. The charming Istrian village of Korte is a true gem of the countryside. The viewpoint #IstrskaVišta provides a captivating view of the village, cradled in relaxing Mediterranean greenery with plenty of vineyards and olive groves. Come and feel the beauty of Slovenian Istria.

The village of Korte is a true Istrian paradise for all food lovers. You can choose between three excellent restaurants: gostilna Korte and Hiša Torkla.

Istrian dishes will take you on a gourmet journey you will remember forever.

10. From Izola to Koper

With the wind in your hair and the sun shining above, you can enjoy a cycling trip with the astonishing view of the sea along the popular recreational coastal path between Izola and Koper. Don’t forget to stop by the viewpoint #ObalnaVišta and take an unforgettable selfie. On the way, you can also see the remains of the Roman port and the sunken Rex boat.

Walking along the hiking trails of Izola leads you to all of Izola's views.
The shorter uphill path to the #SončnaVišta, The longer uphill path all the way to the #VištaPodbelvo, #BelvederskaVišta, #IzolskaVišta and #ObalnaVišta.
The path in the sun is just a short distance from the #IstrskaVišta, and the The Strunjan valley reveals beautiful views of the #VištaBeleskale and the #VištaParenzana. Only an easy stroll through the town will lead you to the #VištaSvetilnik and #VištaZvonik.

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