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The vision of the Izola Tourism Board is for Izola to be recognized in the international space as a small authentic, former fishing town by the sea, where visitors can experience the true Mediterranean spirit.

Tourist Board Izola

Our mission

Our mission is to further develop the Visit Izola brand, which is based on quality tourist services, has a positive influence on the quality of life in the place and is attractive to visitors. The brand promotes the visibility of the destination globally. The brand is being developed in close cooperation with the key local stakeholders and is based on the principle of sustainable, informational and marketing activities. The vision of the Izola Tourism Board is for Izola to be recognized in the international space as a small authentic, former fishing town by the sea, where visitors can experience the true Mediterranean spirit. The destination offers active, culinary, and cultural heritage experiences that will continue throughout the seasons. At the same time, the destination will en...

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A pleasant experience in Izola

We care about the town we live in, and we would like our guests to enjoy the beautiful, clean, and well-kept environment as well. Take a look at the #visitandrespectizola leaflet, where you will find some tips on how to make sure you enjoy your time in Izola as much as you can, and to what you should pay attention. We have also prepared a list of the most important contacts, so you don't have to waste any time searching for additional information and can enjoy your visit as much as possible.

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TIC Tourist Information Center

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Dean Kocjančič


+386 41 664 913

Nataša Frančič

PR in dig. marketing

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During maternity leave:

Taja Šavron

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Taja Šavron

tourist information

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Summer in the Slovenian Istria continues

In September, the Slovenian Istria will entice you with its lovely weather, summer temperatures, and unforgettable autumn experiences, as well as free guided tours. As usual, the end of summer at the seaside will be sweet... With the help of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation, which offered its sup...

Izola enters the fall at summerlike pace

In August, Izola was visited by 30.128 guests, with a total of 125.864 overnight stays. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 3 % increase in the number of guests and a 6 % increase in overnight stays. A third of all overnight stays were realized in hotels and one third in apartments....

Discover the tradition of Slovenian Istria with new flavours

From the sea to the hinterlands: every corner of Slovenian Istria is brimming with authentic, traditional dishes with a modern twist. This inviting symphony of flavours and aromas is waiting for you.

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