Ordering authority: The Municipality of Izola, Sončno nabrežje 8, 6310 Izola

Contractor: Tourist Board Izola, Sončno nabrežje 4, 6310 Izola

The project for the renovation of the former municipal palace, the Podestat Palace, aims to revitalize and transform this historic building into a cultural, artistic, and social center of Izola. This project will preserve and enrich the cultural heritage of the place and ensure the sustainable use of this building for future generations.

The external contractor, TZI, will be responsible for communicating the project's content on its social networks and communication channels, preparing the necessary public calls, and offering the "Podestat menu" to promote local products such as oil and wine. The contractor will establish a sustainable transport rental service in the renovated premises, and elements of the palace will be included in an interactive game. The project's content will also be presented at events, the latter being plastic-free or zero-waste.

TIC Izola +386 5 640 10 50
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