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Who knows all the hidden spots of Izola, the lovely beaches and trails along the countryside? The locals! Discover the stories of the town centre, taste typical dishes, hike to the most beautiful viewing spots, and spend summer days among the kind locals. Barbara and Matej have several ideas on how to spend the summer in Izola – follow their stories!

Visit Izolana - house of the sea

Visiting viewpoints on an e-scooter

In Tourist Information Center you have the possibility to rent an e-scooter, which will make discovering Izola even more interesting and comfortable. This easy and extremely pleasant ride can take you to all of Izola's viewpoints, from which Izola glows in all its beauty. The electric scooter offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing panoramic experience. Take a ride along the sunny promenade all the way to the harbour of Izola - “mandracchio” following the path to the viewpoint #VištaSvetilnik which promises an admirable view on the Alps and the Gulf of Trieste.

Fill your basket with wholesome food

The most beautiful and flowering month is back. In May, Izola enriches its offer with the farmer's market “Ruba sz moje njive” (Stuff from my field), which allows us to fill our baskets with locally grown fruit, vegetables and other home-grown delicacies from the hinterland of Izola.This year, spring hasn’t only brought us longer days and awakening nature but also some changes that encouraged us to modify our way of living. Due to various restrictions, networking at the local level and self-supply have grown very strong and our shopping habits have changed. While the world was on hold, it was the local farmers who supplied us with wholesome food. This practice will continue, so we kindly invite you to cultivate the new shopping routine and visit the local farmer’s market “Ruba sz moje njive” after having had your morning coffee.


Slovenia, the very first country to be declared a Green Destination, lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain meet. In one of these worlds, the Mediterranean seaside, there is the lush green land of Istria. A land that enchants with its exceptional combination of attractions from the Roman, Medieval and Venetian era, set against a backdrop of stunning natural landscapes – from the green hillsides to the clear blue sea of the Adriatic coast.

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Izola was once an island in the Adriatic Sea and is still uniquely bound to the sea and the fishing traditions. The town is characterized by various beaches, orange wine, water sports and traditional events celebrating the gifts from the surrounding lands.

A keepsake from Izola

In Izola, you will create the most outstanding memories of summer days: the most carefree time of the year. To make you remember these moments even after the summer holidays, we have created beautiful souvenirs. However, they might come in handy already during your vacation. Look at what’s hiding in our online shop. Remember to stay hydrated We are happy that the sun visits Izola so often every year. The weather can be especially hot in the summer, so remember to provide your body with enough fluid. The water in Izola is drinkable and of good quality, so you can fill up your Visit Izola gl...

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Museum detective in Izolana – house of the sea

Izola’s museum Izolana – House of the Sea invites children on a very special adventure. The hunt for the treasure will acquaint the children with the history of Izola and its interesting locals. Overcoming challenges, solving puzzles and of course, searching for the treasure is followed by a creative workshop, where children will get to know model making and create their own, special marine souvenir.

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How to spend a summer in Izola?

Slovenian Istria offers a range of experiences that can be enjoyed on warm days both at the seaside and the countryside. Children will be able to test their treasure-hunting skills in Izolana – the House of the Sea, where fun for the whole family can be enjoyed on a sandy beach San Simon. After indulging in the sun rays at one of Izola’s eight beaches, you won’t find yourself bored, even in the evening hours.

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