Coastal road – recreation with a view of the infinite blue

Creative energies are coming to the fore, looking for a breath of spring freshness With setting the clocks forward, the days have become considerably longer, and the sunshine invites us for a walk in the fresh air to breathe in the new energy brought by spring. Your first thought at the mention of spring might be the spring lethargy that many are so eager to point out. However, we believe that this is just an excuse, and that’s why we would like to encourage you to exercise and spend your free time outdoors. There are many options, but we will focus on the coastal road, which was finally closed for traffic in the spring of 2017. That's how the » Riva Lunga «, first constructed in 1837, became a connection between Izola and Koper for all those who desire physical activity. Since its construction, the road has been subject to many transformations. The most welcome is the last one, making the area a sort of a green oasis between the two coastal towns. In addition to recreation with an open view of the sea, the fact that you can experience a glimpse of history here is also worth mentioning. Rex, the largest and fastest Italian ocean liner of its time, sank in the vicinity of this road during World War II.

Spring wild plants can also be a delicious dish

Good morning, spring! The first rays of the spring sun warm up the sleepy winter earth, and the harbingers of spring start to awaken. The meadows are turning greener, hellebores and snowdrops eagerly invite us in the forest while violets and primroses soften the greyness of the past months. Did you know that many spring plants can decorate our plates and that we can “pick” our lunch while walking in meadows? And so, the spring indicates the start of the season of picking edible wild plants or rather wild food. Wild food – a step towards nature Dario Cortese, an expert in the field, defines wild food as all edible food growing in nature; in forests, meadows and also in our gardens between cultivated vegetables, that is among weeds. Yes, that’s right, even some types of weeds are edible. It is precisely the field of edible plants that is one of those areas that break down many stereotypes about food and brings us back to nature, or rather towards it.

Along the green paths

In addition to the Istrian hills and romantic villages, the hinterland of Izola offers the opportunity for an active free time. Cyclists, hikers or horse-back riders can embark on the path of discovering natural heritage, water sources, or history of the former Parenzana railway and enjoy the autumn colours of the woods surrounding the old Istrian villages.

Your postcards of Izola

Izola views are viewpoints that will take your breath away, allow you to create unforgettable photographs (with your loved ones or by yourself), and leave a magical lasting impression of Izola. In good weather, most of these spots offer a view of Izola in the embrace of beautiful alpine mountains, with our highest peak of Mount Triglav among them. Not to mention the magical sunsets …

Visiting viewpoints on an e-scooter

Since September, you have the possibility to rent an e-scooter, which will make discovering Izola even more interesting and comfortable. This easy and extremely pleasant ride can take you to all of Izola's viewpoints, from which Izola glows in all its beauty. The electric scooter offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing panoramic experience. Take a ride along the sunny promenade all the way to the harbour of Izola - “mandracchio” following the path to the viewpoint #VištaSvetilnik which promises an admirable view on the Alps and the Gulf of Trieste.

Winter vacation in Izola

In the evening, you can choose to swim in the indoor swimming pools or relax in one of the wellness & spa centers. We also recommend watching one of the films at Art Cinema Odeon. There are quite a few other events happening during the holidays in Izola.


Slovenia, the very first country to be declared a Green Destination, lies in the heart of Europe, where the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain meet. In one of these worlds, the Mediterranean seaside, there is the lush green land of Istria. A land that enchants with its exceptional combination of attractions from the Roman, Medieval and Venetian era, set against a backdrop of stunning natural landscapes – from the green hillsides to the clear blue sea of the Adriatic coast.

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Izola was once an island in the Adriatic Sea and is still uniquely bound to the sea and the fishing traditions. The town is characterized by various beaches, orange wine, water sports and traditional events celebrating the gifts from the surrounding lands.

Tastes of Isola

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Zaro Wines, a story of dedication

Zaro Wines are grown on soil with a more than centuries-old tradition of the hardworking Zaro family. The wines have a character which satisfies even the most demanding connoisseurs. They are the product of vines growing on the excellent terrains of the hinterland of Izola, already known during the Venetian Republic times as the most fertile in Izola. The Zaro family continues to respect the natural resources and has revived the tradition of wine growing. We interviewed Matej Zaro, a third generation representative who dedicated his life to wine growing.

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Visit Manjada for a true istrian lunch

Manjada is an excellent culinary destination for all of you hard workers out there to enjoy a well deserved quick and high-quality lunch. For tourists during the summer season, Manjada is an excellent restaurant for devouring typical Istrian and Mediterranean dishes. Since 2013, Manjada has been pampering locals and tourists alike with its always fresh, but still simple Mediterranean and Istrian gastronomy. Our questions were answered by the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Aljoša Tomšič.

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Vila Raineri, pizzeria with strong tradition

The Vila Raineri Pizzeria and Canteen is located in a villa with a very special history. At the end of the 19th century, it was the home of the Renner von Szatmary counts who changed their name into Raineri during the time of Mussolini’s government. In the 20th century, it became one of the first pizzerias in the Slovenian Istria, together with a hotel located on the first floor. The Vila Raineri Pizzeria and Canteen is located just 200 metres from the sea, along Hotel Delfin, and is open all year round. Guests can also visit the Pergola Restaurant which is also part of the hotel. The villa was renovated three years ago and now offers seating on a cozy terrace even in bad weather. Daša Ždrnja, Sales Manager of Hotel Delfin, told us more about the pizzeria and the canteen.

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Days of Fish: Fruit of the Adriatic

October has arrived and a new culinary event is approaching – the Days of the Kingdom of Fish. Just like they did with asparagus, Mediterranean mussels and cod fish, the selected Izola caterers will now pamper your taste buds with delightful fish treats that will travel from their Adriatic kingdom to your plates from 12 October until 9 November. The Zero kilometre initiative – like all culinary events – guarantees freshness and local sourcing of all dishes prepared during the Days of Fish.

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