Diverse Izola beaches

Izola has 8 beaches spread over 5 km. If you don't know about all of them, get to know them in this post! Just like many parks in Isola, beaches are a place to relax, and not just in the summer! Lounging and soaking up the sun, strolling by the sea with the wind in your hair, or taking a moment to yourself with the sound of the waves. Every season is special at the beach, don't you agree?


Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Farmer's market

Drevored 1. maja (1st May avenue), Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8 am and 1 pm 

Discover 10 Izola viewpoints

Izola views are viewpoints that will take your breath away, allow you to create unforgettable photographs (with your loved ones or by yourself), and leave a magical lasting impression of Izola. In good weather, most of these spots offer a view of Izola in the embrace of beautiful alpine mountains, with our highest peak of Mount Triglav among them. Not to mention the magical sunsets …

Fish and Meat Dishes at Parangal Restaurant

Located along the picturesque seafront promenade in Izola, Parangal Restaurant is known for its seafood and meat platters. Sanja, who has been involved in the family business since childhood, now leads the restaurant alongside her family, preserving the tradition of authentic dishes. Parangal prides itself on offering a diverse selection of plates crafted from locally sourced ingredients, all within a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Discover the restaurant's history and future aspirations in the interview with Sanja Vatovci.

Enjoy a ride in the tourist train

Enjoy a carefree train ride and experience Izola differently. You won't have to worry about where to park your car and you'll do something good for the environment. Are you wondering where else it can take you and what you can experience along the way?

Travel from one coastal town to another by boat

Make travelling around Slovenian Istria easier and more sustainable at the same time. Hop on board the Zlatoperka boat and visit the neighbouring towns. Did we mention you can also bring your bicycle? Zlatoperka can accommodate up to 70 passengers and 10 bicycles and will run twice a day - every day except Mondays.

TOP 5 Hiking Trails Around Izola

Izola may be renowned for its diverse array of bathing areas, but its walking trails are just as diverse and worth exploring. Long trails, short trails, rural, hillside, seaside, leading you through nature parks, or along the route of the former Parenzana railway... Izola's walking trails will amaze you in all seasons and weather conditions, with the exception of extreme heat or severe storms. Find out more about our five favourite hiking trails and be sure to come check them out soon. 

Enjoy a ride in the tourist train

Enjoy a carefree train ride and experience Izola differently. You won't have to worry about where to park your car and you'll do something good for the environment. Are you wondering where else it can take you and what you can experience along the way?

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Little green secrets

Revealing the little green secrets of the locals

Mojca and Klemen were exploring Izola at the start of the summer. We – the locals – secretly observed them. We were happy when we ran into them in the alleys, on the beaches and even in the countryside. However, they didn’t know how to handle some situations, so we figured they needed our help. After all, we know best how to enjoy Izola to the fullest and take care of our town to keep it beautiful and authentic for future generations. We had a lot of fun helping them, that’s why we decided to share some stories with you. The stories reveal some green tips for a carefree and relaxing su...

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Picnic on the beaches of Izola – yes or no?

We shouldn't organize a picnic, but we can enjoy some delicious food

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Is water in Slovenian Istria drinkable?

Do you feel like having a glass of excellent water?

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Where in Izola can we zone out while listening to birds chirping?

There is no need for radios, speakers or phones in nature

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Where to get fresh fruit and vegetables?

Don’t hop over fences, come on over to the market “Stuff from my field!”

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Are viewpoints in Izola a perfect spot to profess your love?

“I can sit on top of a hill and talk about how I feel …”

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You give and you get, right?

Where in Izola do used objects get a new life?

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Where to collect the best memories of Izola?

Can seashells become souvenirs? THE LOCALS SAY: »Let life in the sea flow at its own pace.« We can pick up things that are washed ashore, but we mustn't disturb the seabed. We all know that pebbles and seashells are beautiful and we would love to look at them at home, but don't worry – we have some suggestions for finding a perfect souvenir to keep a piece of Izola with you every day of the year!

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Where to park in Izola and which means of transport to choose?

Visiting the town center by car – yes, or no? THE LOCALS SAY: » We recommend parking the cars in the peripheral parking lots and taking a walk. « Due to its location, the center of Izola is easily accessible from anywhere. One of the great advantages of Izola is that you can get practically anywhere on foot. A great way of avoiding traffic jams and bad mood is parking in one of the parking lots outside the town center and simply taking a walk. If you are not a fan of walking, you can opt for a bike or a scooter. You can also take a sea taxi to one of the nearby cities.

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