TOP 5 Hiking Trails Around Izola


Izola may be renowned for its diverse array of bathing areas, but its walking trails are just as diverse and worth exploring. Long trails, short trails, rural, hillside, seaside, leading you through nature parks, or along the route of the former Parenzana railway... Izola's walking trails will amaze you in all seasons and weather conditions, with the exception of extreme heat or severe storms. Find out more about our five favourite hiking trails and be sure to come check them out soon. 

1.    The Shorter and Longer Hillside Trail

The long hillside trail will take you out of the city and into the beautiful and charming countryside of Izola. The trail will lead you down roads and dirt tracks as far as the village of Baredi, past Šared and back to the town centre via Jagodje. Along the 17 km long trail, you will be treated to magnificent views of the Istria hinterland, the coastal strip, the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian and Carnic Alps and the Dolomites. It will take you through vineyards and olive groves. Along the way, you can also take a short stop at the Church of St James in Šared or check out the Parenzana locomotive at the start of your journey.  An easy hike can be completed in 4-5 hours and enjoyed in all seasons. Autumn is perhaps the best time of year for a nice little walk along this trail, when nature reveals its most luscious colour palette. In summer, make sure to stay hydrated and take a bottle of water with you. You can fill up your water bottle in town, as our tap water is potable and of the highest quality.

Did you know that one of the scenic viewpoints, which features on both the longer and shorter uphill trails, is a favourite spot of our local resident Sanela? Check out these tips from our locals.

The shorter, three-hour hillside trail is a great option for those who prefer shorter hikes. The route to Šared is essentially the same as the longer trail, except that you will be heading down to the town a little sooner: instead of taking the Jagodje trail, you will pass through Livade and then on to Simon's Bay. You can also take a tour of the archaeological park  and learn about the rich heritage of the Romans before the end of your hike. 

2. The Sunny Trail

The Sunny Trail offers a unique opportunity to discover the Izola countryside; small villages and hamlets that might otherwise remain hidden from a visitor's view. On this trail, you can explore the village of Šared and the Church of St James and enjoy the breath-taking panoramic views of the sea from Baredi.  You will also venture even deeper into the heart of Istria, its forests and untouched nature. The trail is just under 12 km long and is a relatively easy hike. It will take you a good 3 hours. There is also a shorter version of the trail, which will take you about an hour less. The trail is a great trip in all seasons and can be hiked all year round, as it runs on top of a hardened base, making it safe during rainy seasons.

3. The Water Sources Trail

If you want to learn about old traditions as well as nature, take a hike along the water springs surrounding the charming village of Korte - The Water Sources Trail of the Izola countryside is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to discover the unique nature of this once only source of water in the countryside. We recommend that you join a guided tour, which is carried out twice a year by members of the Šparžin Tourist Association. Alternatively, you can explore this part of the well-preserved cultural heritage and unspoilt nature of Slovenian Istria on your own.

While in Korte, you can visit the kaštelir – an archaeological site with beautiful views of the Sečovlje Salt Pans. Don’t know the way? Just follow Rozana, who will guide you to this beautiful spot and share with you many other secrets hidden in this charming village. 

4.    The Strunjan Valley

One of the most beautiful trails in Slovenian Istria is the one that takes you from Belveder through the Strunjan valley and all the way to the Strunjan Salt Pans. Almost all the way along the trail, you will be walking through the Strunjan Landscape Park, from where you can admire the magnificent views of Izola, Piran and the vast sea. Highlights along the way include the Strunjan cliff, Bele skale (White Rocks) beach and Moon Bay. This circular trail is quite dynamic, as it takes you from Strunjan back to Izola along the route of the former Parenzana railway - nowadays a popular cycling trail. The trail is an easy hike, about 11 km long, and takes about 3 hours on roads, dirt tracks and forest paths.

On your way, don't forget to stop at #VištaBeleSkale – a beautiful scenic viewpoint that guarantees a great photo opportunity.

5.    Along the Coastal Road from Izola to Koper

The former coastal road between Izola and Koper is an ideal walking trail for all sea lovers. The 4 km long trail is accessible in all weather conditions and there are toilets along the way and even freshwater showers in summer. We recommend taking a walk in the evening, when you can enjoy the unique sunsets and just relax sitting on the rocks. There is one particular rock that stands out from the crowd. The red-coloured rock commemorates the story of the SS Rex - an ocean liner that sank in this very area.

You can also explore the former coastal road on a bike or e-scooter. If you fancy a tasty locally sourced snack on your way, we recommend purchasing the Izola basket.  

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