TOP 5 Cycling Trails Around Izola


Thanks to the temperate climate, you can enjoy cycling in Slovenian Istria all year round. In the cooler seasons, when the weather is not too hot, you can still soak up the sun's rays on your bike. We have compiled some recommendations for the most beautiful cycling trails below: from the easiest to the most challenging.

Following the route of the former Parenzana railway

Explore the former Parenzana railway line, better known today as the Route of Health and Friendship. Or at least a small section of the route as it passes through the Istrian municipalities - that's enough for a day trip. The entire route of the former railway is 130 km long, and the bike trail runs from Trieste to Poreč, passing through Izola along the way. There is also a room dedicated to Parenzana at the Izolana - House of the Sea.

Have you visited it yet?

For more information about this unique cycling route, please click here.

Through the Istrian Countryside

Like setting new altitude records? Then the route through the Istrian countryside is the ideal choice for you. The highest point of this 54 km long route is just over 368 metres! In addition to Izola, the trail will also take you through Koper, Strunjan and Portorož. The natural beauty of the Strunjan Landscape Park is definitely worth checking out along the way. In the countryside, you can discover the typical Istrian villages: Malija, Korte, Dragonja, Puče, Šmarje and Gažon. In the village of Korte, you can visit the archaeological site of Kaštelir. In St. Peter, you can take a look at the ethnological collection Tona's House, and while you're in Puče, don't forget to visit the Poljanska buža cave.

The fastest cyclists can complete the trail in just 3 hours. How fast are you? 

Up the Hill in Korte

For those of you who want to get a really good workout or just do a short cycling training session, we recommend that you try the route up the Korte hill. The trail starts in the neighbouring municipality of Piran, in the Sečovlje Salt Pans. You can start your trip with a visit to this natural landmark or you can take in nature’s sights along the entire route, which provides some magnificent views of this part of the coast. To get to Korte, you'll need to pass by Lucija and Seča, where you'll also need to tackle a long and strenuous uphill climb. In Korte, you can either have lunch at one of the local taverns, or you can continue your journey back to Sečovlje via Draga.

The village of Korte is also the home of an important landmark you might like to visit. Do you remember which one? Make sure you check out the tip above!

From Medljan to Krog 

On this exceptionally beautiful cycling trail, you will be able to experience the very essence of the nature of the Istrian countryside. The cycling trip, which will take you about two hours, starts at the Tourist Farm Medljan, which is also the perfect spot to grab a delicious meal full of authentic local delicacies after completing your cycling adventure.

From the farm, you continue your journey through the picturesque village of Korte, past Medoši to Krog above Sečovlje, where the former ancient Benedictine monastery of St Onofrio, dating back to the 11th or 12th century, stands on a hill overlooking the valley of the Dragonja River. From Krog, you will head down into the Drnica valley and return to Medljan from the other side. The trail runs uphill for about 200 m, and in total you will cover about 13 km.

Cycling along the former coastal road

For those who don't like cycling uphill, the former coastal road between Izola and Koper, which has now been converted into a cycling and walking path, is a great option. The trail is equipped with toilets, drinking fountains and even showers in the summer. It offers unrivalled views of the open sea, and it's a good half-hour bike ride from Izola to Koper. Make a stop along the way to learn more about the history of the Italian ocean liner SS Rex. Look for the red rock! It marks the exact spot where this magnificent ship sank. The story of the SS Rex is also depicted in photographs displayed along the former coastal road.

How about a guided cycling tour?

If you are interested in a guided cycling tour, visit our online shop and book one of our tours. Bora Experience offers a unique cycling experience through the countryside of Izola,  while Hangar Adventures will take you on a tour of the Slovenian Istria Wine Route. We've given you plenty of ideas, but the decision is yours. Where will you go first?

There are many more cycling trails, in and around Izola, which vary in length, level of difficulty, elevation differences and, of course, scenery. You can find all the cycling trails on the website of the Cycling Association Raketa, and you can pick up a copy of the map at the Izola TIC headquarters.

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