Izola promises a wide range of unforgettable experiences throughout the year. The beautiful villages of the Istrian countryside invite you to take a stroll, offering inviting views, numerous hiking and biking trails, and excellent cuisine. Not only does the sea offer fun in the summer, but it is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts in the autumn and spring. Interesting boat experiences are available as well.

Can I tell you a secret?

Who knows all the hidden spots of Izola, the lovely beaches and trails along the countryside? The locals! Discover the stories of the town centre, taste typical dishes, hike to the most beautiful viewing spots, and spend summer days among the kind locals. Barbara and Matej have several ideas on how to spend the summer in Izola – follow their stories!

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In addition to its natural and marine beauty, Izola also hides cultural treasures. Visit the famous palaces, climb the bell tower, and learn about the town's maritime history in the museum Izolana - House of the Sea.

In the unspoiled nature of the Slovenian Istria

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Coastal road – recreation with a view

Creative energies are coming to the fore, looking for a breath of spring freshness With setting the clocks forward, the days have become considerably longer, and the sunshine invites us for a walk in the fresh air to breathe in the new energy brought by spring. Your first thought at the mention of spring might be the spring lethargy that many are so eager to point out. However, we believe that this is just an excuse, and that’s why we would like to encourage you to exercise and spend your free time outdoors. There are many options, but we will focus on the coastal road, which was finally closed for traffic in the spring of 2017. That's how the » Riva Lunga «, first constructed in 1837, became a connection between Izola and Koper for all those who desire physical activity. Since its con...

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From Izola through slovenian Istria by bike

Slovenian Istria offers numerous cycling paths with different levels of difficulty. You can travel on asphalt roads on your own or with your family. If you are more fascinated by the arduous routes that offer a lot of adrenaline, we recommend the wooded streets and macadam streets.  The coastal cycling routes will surely remain in your memory as they offer spectacular panoramic views, beautiful nature and cultural attractions of the nearby towns.

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Along the green paths of the countryside of Izola

In addition to the Istrian hills and romantic villages, the hinterland of Izola offers the opportunity for an active free time. Cyclists, hikers or horse-back riders can embark on the path of discovering natural heritage, water sources, or history of the former Parenzana railway and enjoy the autumn colours of the woods surrounding the old Istrian villages.

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Your postcards of Izola

Izola views are viewpoints that will take your breath away, allow you to create unforgettable photographs (with your loved ones or by yourself), and leave a magical lasting impression of Izola. In good weather, most of these spots offer a view of Izola in the embrace of beautiful alpine mountains, with our highest peak of Mount Triglav among them. Not to mention the magical sunsets …

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Visit the viewpoints of Izola on an e-scooter

In Tourist Information Center you have the possibility to rent an e-scooter, which will make discovering Izola even more interesting and comfortable. This easy and extremely pleasant ride can take you to all of Izola's viewpoints, from which Izola glows in all its beauty. The electric scooter offers the perfect opportunity for a relaxing panoramic experience. Take a ride along the sunny promenade all the way to the harbour of Izola - “mandracchio” following the path to the viewpoint #VištaSvetilnik which promises an admirable view on the Alps and the Gulf of Trieste.

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Following the water sources in the countryside

In addition to its excellent cuisine, cultural sites and diverse events, Izola also offers numerous possibilities for active outdoor leisure. The hiking trails are especially interesting, since they allow you to discover the Izola countryside and admire spectacular views from olive groves and vineyards. In the surroundings of Izola you can find the following marked walking trails: The longer uphill path, The shorter uphill path, The path in the sun and The valley of Strunjan. This time we present a path in the unspoiled nature. Along the path you will learn about the water sources of the Izola countyside.    

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Spring wild plants can become a delicious dish

Good morning, spring! The first rays of the spring sun warm up the sleepy winter earth, and the harbingers of spring start to awaken. The meadows are turning greener, hellebores and snowdrops eagerly invite us in the forest while violets and primroses soften the greyness of the past months. Did you know that many spring plants can decorate our plates and that we can “pick” our lunch while walking in meadows? And so, the spring indicates the start of the season of picking edible wild plants or rather wild food. Wild food – a step towards nature Dario Cortese, an expert in the field, defines wild food as all edible food growing in nature; in forests, meadows and also in our gardens between cultivated vegetables, that is among weeds. Yes, that’s right, even some types of weeds are edi...

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Adventures at sea

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Enjoy a ride in the tourist train

Enjoy a carefree train ride and experience Izola differently. You won't have to worry about where to park your car and you'll do something good for the environment. For a more pleasant visit to the town, there are some changes to the regular route – the train stops at the beginning of the Sončno nabrežje promenade so you can take a relaxing walk along the sea toward the Svetilnik beach, and there is also a new stop next to the coastal road towards Koper. Are you wondering where else it can take you and what you can experience along the way?

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Summer in Izola: where everyone finds their beach

Summer – the time of basking in the sun and indulging in everything our sea has to offer is just around the corner. There are eight diverse beaches on about 5 kilometres of the coast in Izola. Do you know all of them?

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How to spend a summer in Izola?

Slovenian Istria offers a range of experiences that can be enjoyed on warm days both at the seaside and the countryside. Children will be able to test their treasure-hunting skills in Izolana – the House of the Sea, where fun for the whole family can be enjoyed on a sandy beach San Simon. After indulging in the sun rays at one of Izola’s eight beaches, you won’t find yourself bored, even in the evening hours.

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Experience Izola on a SUP board

During calm seas the beach Bele Skale is a perfect location for starting an exploration of the coast of Izola. Embark on a SUP journey and visit all eight beaches in Izola. This simple activity is suitable for anyone, as you can choose the paddleboard according to your physical fitness. Beginners can choose a larger board, so you don’t lose too much energy finding balance. In any case you will have fun and learn a new skill.

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Izola – Kingdom of Fish is Waiting for you

The small coastal town with rich history written by fisheries and waves, is inviting you into a summer embrace. Enjoy the blue sea, green hills, Istrian cuisine, and summer nights.

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Discovering cultural treasures

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Autumn Break at The Seaside

In this former fishing town you can discover stories of maritime heritage on foot or by bicycle, taste the Istrian delights from the land and the sea, or just relax while enjoying the smell of the sea and the views of the autumn colours of the Istrian hills.

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Let's discover the secrets of the sea

With the aim of preserving and protecting the maritime heritage, the Mala barka 2 project connected the Slovenian and Croatian seaside destinations of the Northern Adriatic. Together, they have prepared various trips for visitors, through which you will discover the stories of the sea, maritime, and shipbuilding traditions. We'll discover a part of the path together in the text below. Let's go!

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Museum detective in Izolana – house of the sea

Izola’s museum Izolana – House of the Sea invites children on a very special adventure. The hunt for the treasure will acquaint the children with the history of Izola and its interesting locals. Overcoming challenges, solving puzzles and of course, searching for the treasure is followed by a creative workshop, where children will get to know model making and create their own, special marine souvenir.

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Discover the Roman heritage

It was 2nd century BC, and the Romans started to move to Istria. Remnants of this have also been found in Izola, in San Simon. There, some Romans have built a sea-side villa with a port – the largest one in Northern Istria. Even today, you can see the remains of the villa at the archaeological park right by the San Simon beach.

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