Along the green paths of the countryside of Izola


In addition to the Istrian hills and romantic villages, the hinterland of Izola offers the opportunity for an active free time. Cyclists, hikers or horse-back riders can embark on the path of discovering natural heritage, water sources, or history of the former Parenzana railway and enjoy the autumn colours of the woods surrounding the old Istrian villages.

Beautiful and informative circular hiking trails

Hiking trails invite to explore the countryside of Izola throughout all seasons. Go up the hills surrounding Izola and admire incredible views. The trails promise a very diverse and picturesque terrain of the town’s hinterland, and in good weather you’ll be able to see the Istrian inland, the coastal strip, the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian and Carnic Alps, and the Dolomites.

The longer uphill path leads you on roads and cart tracks to Baredi or even to Šared. Along the way there is also the church of St Jacob and the Parenzana locomotive, each carrying its own history. After five hours of walking and losing calories, you are invited to a well-deserved lunch at the restaurant Kamin in Belvedere, where you will be impressed with quality, taste, kindness and the wonderful location.

The shorter, three-hour uphill path, is an option for those who would like to complete the hike a little faster, but still want to learn about the attractions of the rural countryside. You will finish the route passing Livade and Jagodje, which were once separate settlements, but today they are part of Izola. On your return you can stop next to the hotel complex San Simon, in restaurant Sonja with its excellent offer in a pleasant atmosphere.

Also beautiful is the path along the Strunjan Valley, where you will discover the story of Parenzana, the Strunjan nature reserve and reach the top of the majestic cliff of Strunjan. Along the way stop at #MesečevaVišta – a wonderful viewpoint promising an unforgettable photograph.

The Path in the Sun begins in the hinterland in Izola taking you deeper and farther, all the way to Gažon, Srgaši and Grbci. The trail around the charming village of Korte – the Path of Discovering the water sources of the countryside of Izola is appropriate for anyone who would like to get to know the uniqueness of the water sources in the unspoiled nature of the countryside of Izola.

We invite you to join the annual hike along the water sources of the countryside of Izola, which the start and finish in Korte, in front of the cooperative house. The hike is organized by the Tourist Association Šparžin from Korte.

Horseback riding in forest paths of the hinterland of Izola

You can try horseback riding at the tourist farm in Medljan. More experience riders can go along the equestrian path and discover the mysterious trails of the Istrian countryside in a completely unique way.

Cycling adventures

Izola with its surrounding area offers numerous cycling trails that differ in length, difficulty, altitude variation and of course the environment. Stara šola Korte is a cyclists-friendly accommodation, where the guests have the possibility to rent bicycles. Korte are a perfect spot for the beginning of a cycling adventure.

You can find marked cycling trails on the website of the Cycling Association Raketa, a physical map of the trails is available at TIC Izola.

You can take the following cycling trails from Izola: the historical D8: “Parenzana”, the relaxing K12: “From Izola to Portorož for a drink”, the rural K8: “Along the hinterland of Izola”, or the demanding K13: “Across Istria for the ambitious. There are many more trails waiting to be explored by enthusiastic adventurists.

There is a free smartphone app to help you track the trails »offline« - Slovenia Trails Hiking & Biking.

Following the trail of the former Parenzana railway

Cycle your way along the former Parenzana railway, also known as the Path of health and friendship. The unspoiled nature reveals the Istrian gems along the 130 km long cycling trail that runs all the way from Trieste to Poreč and, of course, passes through Izola.

For a picnic among olive groves on e-bikes

A special cycling experience awaits in Belvedere Hotels. Rent an e-bike, grab a basket full of treats and cycle to Strunjan Landscape Park or to the countryside of Izola, where you can spend wonderful moments outdoors enjoying delicious food.

A walk in the town parks

If you don't want to leave the charming town, Izola has many green areas: parks, green areas and allees. Your four-legged friends will be taken care of as well as there is a brand-new dog park in Izola, which is an addition to the dog beach, the dog park above Parenzana and the dog bakery, all of which makes Izola one of the most dog-friendly places.

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