A trip in the cuntryside of Izola


Fresh sunny days are perfect for exploring the picturesque hinterland. We have prepared itineraries for you that allow you to explore Slovenian Istria. Save time with planning and follow our suggestions on how to spend a day in the countryside of Slovenian Istria.

Korte – the magical village of the Izolacountryside

Start your trip in Korte, a charming village in the heart of the Izola countryside. Only a few kilometers from the town and you are in a completely peaceful, natural environment. The charming Istrian village of Korte is a true gem of the countryside. Excellent local cuisine, beautiful views, and welcoming locals are what make Korte worth visiting. Would you like to know what else the village has to offer?


In Korte you will find the restored Frata water source, one of the water sources in the hinterland, which used to be one of the only sources of water. You can reach the water source on foot, taking a left turn at the Korte restaurant and continuing on a path below the main road. You can park at the nearby parking lot.

If you are interested in other water sources, we invite you to join the walk along the path of water sources, organized by the Cultural association Šparžin. In addition to the water sources along a 14 km long trail, you will also get to hear stories of the locals, learn about life in the village and taste some local dishes.

Walk up to the prehistoric hillfort Kaštelir, where a fortified settlement stood for at least 5000 years from the late Neolithic until the Roman era. We recommend getting a local guide that will tell you engaging stories about the life of our prehistoric ancestors.

A guided tour of the Kaštelir is part of the wonderful experience of a Day with a Local. Find out more.

You should not leave Korte without capturing it in a photo. Visit one of the lookout points and enjoy the view of the village from the Istrian viewpoint. Take a photograph that will be a lovely memory of your trip or will help you mentally escape into the green hinterland, even when you are stuck in the chaos of everyday life.

The village of Korte is also known for excellent cuisine, marked by the traditional tastes of Istria.

Check our culinary map!

Ankaran – the green Istrian gem

Continue your journey to Ankaran – a green Istrian gem and a real treat for the photographic lens. Surrender to the magic of nature and walk across the shell cemetery, set out to explore the kingdom of plant and animal species of the salty Mediterranean meadow … Or simply rest your eyes on the beautiful green scenery at the Debeli rtič Landscape Park.

Did you know that you can go to Ankaran by sea? Download the Wayv app and choose your transportation.

Many more ideas for trips across Istria gathered in one place

We have presented an itinerary connecting Izola and Ankaran. More tips for discovering Istrian natural and cultural heritage are available at www.butmuz.com. Look at the premade itineraries and save time planning or embark on a virtual discovery of hidden corners in Slovenian Istrian. Do not forget to write everything down and save it for when you visit us!

Download the online flyer of the presented itinerary here.

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