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When we can see the city of Izola embraced in nature, surrounded by the scent of local olive oil, grapes, and wine, and when friendly locals give us a warm welcome ... that's when we know: we're in the countryside of Izola. What to do in this green Istrian oasis? You can find some ideas below. You can explore the places on your own or choose a unique adventure: “Experience the countryside of Izola with a local”. It is said that everything is better in good company and we agree, how about you? 

A walk from Šared to Korte

The countryside of Izola is full of varied walking, cycling and equestrian trails. Start your adventure by walking from the picturesque Šared to the charming Korte. The path will lead you through the village of Cetore, past a water source, olive groves, vineyards and even through small forests. Along the way you can enjoy the green colours of nature and the fresh air. At the crossroads after the water source in Cetore, you can choose the equestrian path, which is slightly longer and leads to the water source below the Korte Restaurant, or continue along the path above, which runs parallel to the main road. Both paths are a great choice in any season as the terrain is solid and walkable even in rainy weather.

Some other scenic countryside routes are the Shorter and Longer Uphill Paths, as well as the Path in the Sun, which is especially beautiful in autumn, when the vineyards come to life in their magnificent colours.

Visit to the Kašler archaeological site

Both paths lead to a unique lookout point, from where you can see the Sečovlje Salt Pans. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the magical view of the Istrian hills and the sea. This special place is part of the Kašler Archaeological Park (a.k.a. kaštelir – hillfort). The Histri tribe settled here 5000 years ago, and the archaeological site presents the remains of the largest settlement of its kind in Slovenian Istria. You can visit the park, which intertwines the cultural and natural heritage, on your own, or join a guided tour with local storytellers.

P.s.: Don't forget to pose for a picture at the Kašler photo point!

A guided tour of the hillforts is part of the »Countryside with a Local« experience – a unique adventure that will inspire you with anecdotes, legends, and stories, capturing the spirit of the place’s past.

Stories told by wine

A significant part of rural life in Izola is agriculture, especially olive-growing and viticulture. After an eventful tour, we recommend to treat your tastebuds to a wine tasting. In addition to trying the typical Istrian Malvasia and Refosco wine sorts, you can enjoy some Istrian food. While you're enjoying the selected wine samples, the winegrowers will let you in on the secrets of wine production, natural (biodynamic) processing and introduce you to the exceptional wine heritage of the area.

For wine tasting in Šared, you're welcome to visit Slavec s Kocine, Steras Wines or Katina Ivančič. In Korte, try Vina Korenika or Korenika & Moškon wine cellar - the largest Demeter-certified winery in Istria, known for biodynamic production.

If you »Experience the countryside with a local« you will visit the Korenika & Moškon winery, where you'll be treated to a tasting of 6 wine samples and an Istrian snack.


An authentic Istrian lunch

Impressed by the lifestyle of the past, stories of wine and beautiful panoramas, you'll slowly head back to Šared: along the upper or the lower path. After wandering around and exploring, it's time for a homemade Istrian lunch, which you can enjoy in the Medljan Farm – another place where you can socialize and experience the hospitality of the locals. Home-cooked meals at the farm are made according to traditional Istrian recipes, using local ingredients from the countryside and a bunch of love. Indulge in flavours that will make you taste the very heart of the Izola countryside! You can also interact with the animals at the farm, take horse riding lessons, or simply enjoy the calm atmosphere in the shade under the trees.

There are more excellent restaurants in the countryside of Izola.

End of the day in seaside Izola

You can watch the day coming to an end in the unspoilt nature, listening to birds or cicadas and observing the hills dressing up in the colours of the sunset... or you can take an evening stroll in the town of Izola, which is only a 10-minute drive away.

Wander around the narrow town streets and admire the unique cultural heritage. Stop by Izolana – House of the Sea and feel Izola's maritime soul. You can take a break at one of the town squares or on the promenade and enjoy some fresh sardines and a glass of fine wine. Another unforgettable experience is a boat trip. Imagine observing both the town and the countryside from the sea during sunset. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and smell the fresh salty air … and when you open your eyes again, admire the colours as they float across the horizon.

Isn't this just a perfect ending to a day of discovering the countryside of Izola?

Martina from Austria explored the countryside of Izola with the locals 

All the suggestions we have presented have been lived first-hand by the winner of the A Day with a Local prize competition: Martina Ungermann. You can experience part of her day at the green experience “Countryside with a local”, but you’re are also kindly welcome to explore the rich heritage of the countryside on your own. 

Martina: » It was beautiful. I saw the countryside, met the people, culture … I will definitely come back to Izola.«

See how Martina spent her day, what she learned and how she felt about Izola in this short documentary video:

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