Travel from one coastal town to another by boat


Make travelling around Slovenian Istria easier and more sustainable at the same time. Hop on board the Zlatoperka boat and visit the neighbouring towns. Did we mention you can also bring your bicycle?

Zlatoperka can accommodate up to 70 passengers and 10 bicycles and will run twice a day - every day except Mondays.

From 25 June until 1 September, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride connecting coastal towns from Ankaran to Portorož.

A boat instead of a car

Travelling by boat is not only a magical experience but it's also one of the more sustainable forms of travel. Treat yourself to an unforgettable day at sea and don’t worry about parking and paying parking fees. In Izola, the boat departs at the north pier in front of Hotel Marina. You can catch a ride to Piran for just € 3.00, adding € 1.00 if you bring a bicycle.

Transport between coastal towns will cost you between € 2.00 and € 5.00 depending on your final destination.

»Due to high demand for shuttle boat services, and because they do not accept reservations, the services operate on a first-come, first-served basis.«

Get around Izola by tourist train or e-scooter

In Izola, we encourage you to use more environmentally friendly forms of transport. In the summer, you can ride around the town on board the tourist train, or explore the panoramic views and other sights of Izola with the wind in your hair on an e-scooter. And when your hands are full and your feet are tired, the free shuttlebus service called Kurjerca can help you out.

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