Marine Mucilage

In recent days, we have been observing a phenomenon called marine mucilage on Slovenian beaches, which can be unpleasant for both locals and tourists spending their holidays here. Marine mucilage, also known as sea snot or sea saliva, is a natural occurrence caused by phytoplankton releasing organic...

Treat yourself to a winter break in Izola

Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or any other special occasion – the time is always right for spending some quality moments with your love or with a group of friends. Continue reading to discover some suggestions for a romantic couple’s getaway or a weekend of relaxation in great company.   Pam...

Events in Izola you shouldn't miss

For sports enthusiasts Each year, Izola hosts various traditional sporting events, adding a dynamic vibe to the city. Join as a competitor or a supporter to experience the unique atmosphere. The sporting season kicks off on March 17th with the Grand Prix of Slovenian Istria, celebrating its tenth an...

The tallest Christmas tree in Slovenia stands in the marina in Izola

The tallest Christmas tree in Slovenia shone on the seaside in the center of the marina in the town of Izola. The originally decorated mast of the sailing yacht Only Lu is an installation by the Cleansport Group. By using a mast instead of a traditional tree, the company has showcased its environmen...

Essential tips and advice for tourists during floods in Slovenia

After the severe floods that hit parts of Slovenia last weekend, the situation is calming down. The majority of the country was not severely affected and remains open for guests and visitors. However, some areas are still inaccessible, and road and rail connections are disrupted in some places. If y...

Tips on how to spend your time in Izola

Roman evening in the archaeological park Date: 21 July Duration: 7:30 PM to 21:30 PM Location: Simonov zaliv Archaeological park Price: 35,00 € / person Save yourself a spot: here Applications will be accepted until 18 July. This one-time event in the Archaeological Park Simonov zaliv will take...

Financial support for the implementation of sustainable and/or digitisation-oriented activities

Share your insights and help us improve

Have you been to Izola in the past or are you currently staying here? We value your opinion about the experience. As we continuously strive to improve our destination, your feedback helps us tailor our offers to better serve our guests. Kindly spare a few minutes of your time to complete our survey ...

Winners of the prize contest "A day with a local"

The winners of the "A Day with a Local" competition are announced. The main prize, a free one-day stay with a local, including a guided tour of selected points of interest in Izola, discovering Izola through the eyes of locals, free entry to museums/attractions, free food and drinks, and all other a...

Izolana hosts the exhibition entitled Colorful Views: Greetings from Izola!

On 21 April, at 6 pm, the opening of the exhibition » Colorful Views: Greetings from Izola « will take place in Izolana – House of the Sea! The exhibition will feature the works of the Izola-based designer and illustrator Žana Šuran.

Prize competition in Austria

This spring, we continue building on the story with our locals. Once again, we've organized a prize competition offering a day spent with the locals and a weekend package as a main prize. But this time, we are moving beyond the borders of our country. Last year we invited Izola fans from Slovenia; t...

Prize competition in Italy

This spring, we continue building on the story with our locals. Once again, we've organized a prize competition offering a day spent with the locals and a weekend package as a main prize. But this time, we are moving beyond the borders of our country. Last year we invited Izola fans from Slovenia; t...

Enjoy women's day in Izola

We share some ideas of celebrating the International Women’s Day in the company of your favourite girl friends. Treat your body and soul to a relaxing treatment in one of Izola’s spas, or just chat while having a wonderful meal in a magical environment. If you're feeling brave we invite you to j...

Valentine's Day in Izola

Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any other special event – every moment can be the right time to spend it with your special someone. We have selected a few ideas that you may find helpful when arranging the perfect romantic getaway for two.

Love Istria launches a new website

The four Istrian destinations continue their successful collaboration and joint promotion under the Love Istria brand. Its new website was revealed today to the public. Destinations Portorož & Piran, Izola, Koper and Ankaran presented their new website, showcasing Slovenian Is...

Exhibition in Izolana: 3.65 Days of Memories

The exhibition entitled 3.65 days of memories was inaugurated on Friday, 9 December, in Izolana – House of the sea. The exhibition displays photographs taken by photographers and our social media followers, which have made a particular impression over the past year. Tourist Board Izola is aware t...

Exibition invitation: 3.65 Days of Memories

The year is drawing to a close, and we gathered many impressions over the past months that we would like to share with you. At the Tourist Board, we believe that our visitors and social media followers co-create the (online) image of Izola as a tourist destination. Our digital community is growing a...

Festively Adorned Istria

The countdown to the festive season has begun. Istria's municipalities are getting ready for the festive lights switch-on. Visitors can look forward to a varied programme for all ages, starting at the end of November and lasting until mid-January. Find out how you can spend the festive December in S...

Prize Contest "World Tourism Day"

Rules of the Prize Contest “World Tourism Day” Contest Article 1: Call Organizer   Organizer of the of the "The Forgotten Secret of Izola prize contest" (hereafter: contest) is the tourist association Turistično združenje Izola, g. i. z., Sončno nabrežje 4, 6310 Izola, Slovenia (hereafter: ...

Help us save drinking water

Due to severe drought the scarcity of drinking water in the Slovenian Istria is increasing. Because we believe we all aim to preserve drinking water and to avoid further restrictions we kindly ask you to follow the directions you find listed below. Thank you for caring!  

Tastes of Izola 2023 booklet

The booklet highlights the culinary year in Izola, presenting all culinary days and restaurateurs. In it, you will also find some recipes, a list of this year’s events entitled Pier of Tastes, and a free ticket to Izolana – House of the Sea. If you would like to receive a copy of the brochure, ...

Slovenian Istria in Autumn Colours

Slovenian Istria won’t disappoint in the autumn either. Covered in shades of yellow and red, it invites you to experience what it has to offer, which includes both sports activities and the discovery of cultural and historical heritage. Fans of film art will be impressed, and children will enjoy s...

Summer Beat in Slovenian Istria

The remaining days of summer in the Slovenian Istria will be filled by numerous events. There will be no shortage of big concerts as well as smaller, more intimate ones. Of course, there will also be events for art-lovers, kids, and, since Istria is also a place of good food and drinks, there will b...

Free On-line Classes connected to the Projekt Maristra

There are 8 available classes:  1. AUDIO - VIDEO, the basics of filming and editing  2. Digital marketing, promotion of events, activities  3. Basics of public speaking  4. Arranging funds - sponsorship  5. Basics of accounting  6. Legal basis for institutions  7. Arranging funds - alerts  ...

Ledeni otok in prižig lučk letos malo drugače

Stay in touch with the help of Istrian recipes

The current situation does not allow us to travel, but you can stay in touch with Slovenian Istria through genuine Istria cuisine. If you would like to use the autumn days to visit the Slovenian Istria, but this is not possible due to restrictions, you can stay in touch with us through genuine Istri...


We inform you that TIC Izola is closed until further notice. We remain available from 9:00 to 15:00 at the telephone number +386 5 640 10 50 and e-mail address Thank you for your understanding!

Suggestions for spending autumn days in Slovenian Istria

Autumn offers many possibilities for relaxing in the fresh seaside air, and autumn holidays are a perfect opportunity for actively spending time with your family, discovering hidden Istrian corners and delightful experiences. An active getaway in the healthy seaside air Pleasantly warm temperatures ...

A very successful and active autumn in Izola

Autumn in Izola has been very successful and productive. Official statistical data, which significantly surpassed last year’s numbers, confirm that the satisfaction of accommodation and service providers continued in September. October in Izola is dedicated to increasing professional competences o...

Summer in the Slovenian Istria continues

In September, the Slovenian Istria will entice you with its lovely weather, summer temperatures, and unforgettable autumn experiences, as well as free guided tours. As usual, the end of summer at the seaside will be sweet... With the help of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation, which offered its sup...

Izola enters the fall at summerlike pace

In August, Izola was visited by 30.128 guests, with a total of 125.864 overnight stays. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 3 % increase in the number of guests and a 6 % increase in overnight stays. A third of all overnight stays were realized in hotels and one third in apartments....

Discover the tradition of Slovenian Istria with new flavours

From the sea to the hinterlands: every corner of Slovenian Istria is brimming with authentic, traditional dishes with a modern twist. This inviting symphony of flavours and aromas is waiting for you.

July marked by Slovenian guests

Izolana – House of the Sea and an exciting marine journey for children As part of the June campaign Izola and the secrets of the locals, we were looking for the BEST IZOLA EXPERIENCE by organizing a prize game on our Facebook profile. The title was earned by Izolana – House of the Sea, where you...

The Summer island will come to life in Izola

From Friday 31 July to 21 August, the Summer Island with a skating rink on a circular path through the park Pietro Coppo will come to life in Izola. The skating rink will be open every day between 9 am and noon and between 5 pm and 11 pm. The entrance fee to the skating rink will be 2 eur...

8 Istrian experiences to discover

Experience the sea from a different perspective They say the best things in life are wild and free. This is precisely what the Bele skale Beach in Izola is like, sprawled beneath a mighty cliff in the area of the Strunjan Landscape Park. If you want to experience the freedom of the sea from a differ...

Measures to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus

 The coastal municipalities have reached the decision to limit the operation of official institutions and public companies aimed at curbing the spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus. TIC and Izolana – House of the Sea are thus closed to visitors from 13 March 2020 until further notice. For further c...

Izola is an increasingly more popular tourist destination

The official statistical data for 2019 show that the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the municipality of Izola is still increasing in comparison to previous years. We have kept pace with the digital world, carried out successful social media campaigns, created new stories related t...

Notice to Visitors of the Strunjan Landscape Park

At this time, the Strunjan landscape park urges visitors to avoid walking along the coast between the Strunjan beach and San Simon, and not to stay in the Strunjan Cape and Cape Ronek areas. This also applies to the summer months, as some bathers place their towels at the foot of the most dangerous ...

Four tips for a healthier and relaxing new year in Slovenian Istria

In touch with nature The Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve is also open throughout winter. It lies between the town of Koper and its countryside. Škocjanski Zatok is recognised as the largest brackish wetlands and is home to various plant and animal species. The sunny winter days also offer a perfec...

 Conclusion of the #VisitIzola prize draw

As part of the #VisitIzola prize game, Tourist Board Izola has selected 22 participants to receive various prizes. The contest took place on the website or via the link on the questionnaires from 1 June to 27 September 2019. The prize draw was conducted by the commission on 7 Octo...

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