The tallest Christmas tree in Slovenia stands in the marina in Izola


The tallest Christmas tree in Slovenia shone on the seaside in the center of the marina in the town of Izola. The originally decorated mast of the sailing yacht Only Lu is an installation by the Cleansport Group.

By using a mast instead of a traditional tree, the company has showcased its environmental awareness and emphasized the importance of sustainability. Of course, it is also complemented by decorations—sideboards and symbolic gifts—festively dressed fuel tanks, which are otherwise kept in storage.

For many years, the company has been putting its commitment to ecology into practice with its partner Zelena Akademija Institute, where it raises awareness of marine pollution issues. "This special tree, which combines tradition and modernity, is more than just a decoration—it is a symbol of hope, renewal, and sustainability. At a time when these values are particularly important, let this symbol shine in all of us," say the staff.

Foto: Luka Vajgl

Source: Municipality of Izola

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