Slovenian Istria in Autumn Colours


Slovenian Istria won’t disappoint in the autumn either. Covered in shades of yellow and red, it invites you to experience what it has to offer, which includes both sports activities and the discovery of cultural and historical heritage. Fans of film art will be impressed, and children will enjoy special adventures.

Wandering from the Sea to the Olive Groves and Vineyards

The autumn days are an excellent opportunity to discover numerous cycling and hiking trails in the countryside of Slovenian Istria. The Goat Challenges allow the particularly interesting discovery of the Koper countryside, where you can get to know many hidden corners. The trip is designed as a riddle with Histra the goat helping you. You will experience the most beautiful views, picturesque trails past vineyards and olive groves and learn about local myths and legends.

The Virtual Istrian Marathon is held between 15 October and 15 November with time measured on the section of the Seča Circular Footpath organized on 7 November at the My Seča Run event.

The Izola countryside is very picturesque, too. Go up the hills surrounding Izola and admire the wonderful views. The trails promise an extremely dynamic and picturesque terrain of the city hinterland, and in fine weather, there are views of the interior of Istria, the coastal zone, the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian Alps and the Carnic Alps and Dolomites. A long way to the hill leads you along roads and paths all the way to the Baredi settlement or even to Šared village, showing you interesting archaeological sites and once significantly important water resources. The shorter, three-hour trail up the hill offers an option for those who would like to finish the hike a little sooner but still want to learn about the attractions of the Izola countryside. The Strunjan Valley trail is also beautiful, letting you discover the story of the Parenzana narrow gauge railway and the Strunjan Nature Park and go up the magnificent Strunjan cliff. The path of the Sun begins in the Izola hinterland and takes you further and further, all the way to Gažon village, the settlement of Srgaši and Grbci.

With numerous hiking trails and excursion options in beautiful green surroundings, between trees and vineyards, the Ankaran peninsula is an excellent destination for actively spending your free autumn days. You can walk along the Bebler path, admire the view from the Sanator hill and explore the cemetery of shells and the saltmarsh, or go along the paths of the border guards from Debeli rtič cape all the way to the Kaštelir nad Elerji prehistoric fort.

The autumn days are also ideal for cycling by the sea. All Year E-biking is an agency offering a number of bike tours with electric bicycles across Istria. You can have a short trip with an ideal two hours of cycling, visiting Portorož and Piran, which includes a tasting of local wines. A longer version takes you on an idyllic ride through the Istrian countryside. They will take you past the Sečovlje salt pans, along the forgotten valley of the Dragonja River and the peaks of Slovenian Istria with beautiful views reaching all the way to the Alps and Dolomites. It includes an Istrian snack and wine tasting and other local delicacies.

The Interactive Discovery of Cultural and Historical Heritage

For all those who would like to get to know one of the main attractions of the Koper city centre – the magnificent Praetorian Palace – there is a special app that will take you to the past in a virtual experience. The main attractions of Koper can be learned in a fun way through a fun game or the A Hunt for Justice app.

If you want to further spice up your visit to Slovenian Istria, you can try the escape adventure The Disappearance of the Tartini Violin, which is an excellent game for the whole family discovering Piran in a fun way. It is an interactive game with elements of the escape room on the streets of the town and 3D avatars of enriched reality, putting your mental skills, ingenuity and mutual cooperation to the test.

The Days in the Colours of Children

In the Adria Ankaran complex, adults can enjoy a wellness centre while children get wonderful memories in the Jumpyland family park with imaginative (and safe) play. During the holidays, the complex will also offer children's activities, which is an excellent idea for quality leisure. The children will be creating, playing interesting games and discovering their talents under the guidance of experienced animators. They will socialize with their peers and make new friendships.

You can try horse riding in the Izola hinterland during your visit to the family farms. The Medljan farm offers a riding school, a tour of the farm, accommodation and delicious Istrian meals. You are also welcome on another family farm, also located in Cetore village, where the Hippos Association operates. The farm is a true experience especially for families with children, as they can get acquainted with various domestic animals there and learn about proper care and approaches. The Association also carries out a classical horse riding school and horse-based therapy.

The Tastes of Autumn

The unspoiled nature of the Ankaran Peninsula offers complete relaxation and a retreat from everyday worries. Good food from locally grown vegetables and fruits, homemade local wine and olive oil, and hospitable staff are a proven recipe for a unique gourmet experience. The Villa Andor Mediterranean restaurant awaits you with the aroma of Mediterranean herbs and local cuisine, intertwined with the freshness of modern dishes.

If you are going to spend your autumn days in the hinterland of Izola, we recommend that you refresh yourself in the Gostilna Korte inn, which offers a wealth of flavours of Istrian cuisine. The Pier of Flavours is held in Izola on the first Saturday of November, where you can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, as well as dishes from the Istrian hinterland. The event at the customs pier will be thematically dedicated mainly to fish, the queen of Izola, and as such will announce the culinary campaign called the Days of the Kingdom of Fish between 12 to 28 November.


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