Winners of the prize contest "A day with a local"


The winners of the "A Day with a Local" competition are announced. The main prize, a free one-day stay with a local, including a guided tour of selected points of interest in Izola, discovering Izola through the eyes of locals, free entry to museums/attractions, free food and drinks, and all other activities on the agreed day, will be awarded to one of each of the entrants in the prize competition in Austria and in Italy. The winners were selected by a 4-member committee of the Izola Tourist Board. We also awarded the top 5 entries from the other entrants (in Austria and Italy) an Izola package including 2 tickets to Izolana - the House of the Sea, a cap with a shield (Visit Izola), and a Visit Izola notebook with photos of Izola.


The main winners of the prize competition are:

Martina Ungermann, Austria: "A Day with a Local" prize competition in Austria - a day with Marina in the Izola countryside
Filippo Pozzoli, Italy: "A Day with a Local" prize competition in Italy - a day with Damjan in Isola


The winners, who will receive an Izola package:

Barbara Guidi, Italy
Stefano Salvatori, Italy
Stefano Salvatori, Italy
Daniel Fontana, Italy
Silvia Fargnoli, Italy
Gudrun Wisiak, Austria
Elisabeth Petz, Avstria

We would like to thank all the applicants for their participation and for the overwhelming interest and for contributing extremely creative and polished video content.

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