Summer in the Slovenian Istria continues


In September, the Slovenian Istria will entice you with its lovely weather, summer temperatures, and unforgettable autumn experiences, as well as free guided tours. As usual, the end of summer at the seaside will be sweet...

With the help of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation, which offered its support to tour guides in Slovenia, visitors will be able to explore the hidden corners and interesting stories of the Slovenian Istria free of charge.

At the end of September, you can join a free tour of Piran, following in the footsteps of the composer Giuseppe Tartini as he desperately searches for his lost violin. This is an innovative approach to a guided tour of Piran in which the participants combine interactive participation, problem-solving and finding well-known locations in order to become familiar with the culture, history and landmarks of Piran, all the while also following this story from the life of the famous composer who lived here.

Until the end of November, you can also opt for various free tours of the walking trails of Piran with different tastings. Take a relaxing walk and become familiar with the stories of the surrounding area, attractive sights, and tastings of delicious local food.

Until December, you can also take part in free guided tours of Piran, Izola and Koper, and benefit from a reduced price for a four-hour sailing trip that will enable you to see the coast from the sea.

From October onwards, free guided tours of Izola about fish, fishing and seafood cuisine will also take place every weekend, culminating in the unforgettable experience of catching cuttlefish from the pier.

If you love history and cultural and historical landmarks, you can participate in a free guided tour of Hrastovlje, visit the famous church, and get to know a little bit more about the life of the Šavrinke women.

If cycling is your thing, you can participate in a biking tour from Koper to the Sečovlje salt pans, and get to know the most beautiful part of the popular Parencane biking trail while stopping at the most photogenic points.

If you are a proponent of green travelling, you will definitely enjoy the free guided tour of Krkavče where you will visit an olive grove, hear all about how olive oil is made, and even get to taste some.

If you love nature, you can take a walk from the Belvedere in Izola, past the Strunjan Nature Park and salt pans, towards the energy points located in the Salinera Bioenergy Resort where you will also learn a few simple relaxation techniques.

The end of the summer will also provide a perfect experience for those among you with a sweet tooth. From 21 to 27 September, you can order a sweet menu in the framework of the Sweet Istria Week in numerous restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the Slovenian Istria. Try out interesting combinations of sweets and sweet drinks, and make sure that the end of this summer will also be sweet in the Slovenian Istria.

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