Days of Cod


We can’t really imagine visiting an Istrian restaurant that does not serve the cod spread, as the latter is regarded as an invaluable appetizer. And during Days of Cod, you will be able to find out that it can be much more than that. Just pick one of the numerous inns or restaurants in Izola and indulge yourself to a tapestry of tastes and combinations you have not been used to until now. Even if you just want to taste it in a traditional way, grab a piece of some nice-smelling bread and enjoy your cod spread in the traditional way. 

Mark Days of Cod in your calendar between 22 October and 3 November! Welcome to Izola.

Indispensable ingredients for tasty cod spread

The process of making cod spread is long and usually starts somewhere in the North Atlantic, where codfish are caught. The fish are then dried and salted. Dried cod is the main ingredient of cod spread. A tasty spread requires only a few quality ingredients, which the chefs in Izola procure from the local area. You can also prepare a delicious cod spread yourself.

The recipe and secrets of preparation were entrusted to us from the treasury of traditional Istrian recipes – Bujol restaurant.

Alen Pušpan from Bujol restaurant says:

»One simply cannot prepare fish without olive oil and quality Malvasia; of course, we cannot forget salt from the Piran saltpans. All these ingredients are intrinsically linked.«

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