Days of Sardine the Queen


During Days of Sardine, restaurateurs are going to offer various sardine-based dishes in their restaurants. Sardines are excellent grilled, fried, and baked in the oven. Even salted sardine fillets are a simple dish, but a real specialty.

You can pamper your taste buds in restaurants in Izola during the Days of Sardine the Queen between 25 May and 9 June.

Sardines are typical oily fish with tasty and easily digestible meat. They are categorized as smaller fish, as they grow up to 25 cm and weigh approximately 30 g. Even though it is among the cheapest and most widely available fish, many gourmets consider it the queen of fish.

As fishing has strongly marked the history of Izola and its local identity and sardines are often found among the catch of the local fishermen, we are organizing Days of Sardine the Queen.


Health from the Sea

According to experts, fish should be eaten twice a week, mainly as a substitute for red meat on other meat products. They contain a high amount of easily digestible proteins, potassium, iron, selenium and are extremely rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the cardiovascular system.

The best fish are of course the ones we buy directly from fishermen, but since many don’t have this option, a visit to the local fish market is also a good choice.

You can recognize fresh sardines at first glance: it’s firm, the skin and scales are shiny, the eyes are clear, and they smell like the sea. If this is not the case, it’s better to use fresh frozen-fish.

To encourage you to eat more fish, the Kamin restaurant has prepared an interesting recipe.

Fresh and local

The restaurants participating in the culinary days are also part of the Kilometer Zero initiative, which aims to promote fresh ingredients from the local environment. The initiative obliges the restaurateurs to source at least 80 % of ingredients from the local area directly from the providers.

This method follows the guideline »From the sea (or in this case field) to the plate«, ensuring fresh and wholesome dishes and making a significant contribution to the support of local farmers.

You can also buy delicious crops from the Istrian land at the seasonal market "Ruba sz moje njive"(Stuff from my field).

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