Pier of tastes


Where Istrian flavors meet the sea

Join us at the Pier of Tastes, an outdoor culinary event held several times a year on the North pier in Izola. The event takes place in an idyllic setting, offering breathtaking view of Izola’s popular Svetilnik (Lighthouse) and Bele skale (White Rocks) beaches, offering you a one-stop experience of authentic local cuisine.

The dates of the Pier of Tastes in 2024

September 21, 2024: After a summer hiatus that felt waaaaay too long

October 19, 2024: The final "hurrah"!

Delicious Istrian Flavors

Enjoy a variety of culinary offerings from local restaurateurs and winemakers; indulge in seafood and traditional Istrian dishes or their modern variations. Complement your meal or snack with exceptional wines from Istrian winemakers or other refreshing drinks.

The Pier of Tastes features a variety of dishes; sardines are often the stars, alongside other seafood, pasta with truffles, beef tagliata, prosciutto, fritole, and more. Each Pier event has its unique offerings, but the stunning sunsets remain a constant.

An Environmentally Friendly Pier of Tastes

With our commitment to sustainable tourism, at the Pier of Tastes, we strive to adhere to eco-friendly guidelines. This means serving delicious local dishes in biodegradable or paper food containers. Simultaneously, we offer bins for the proper separation of waste, taking a step toward maintaining a cleaner environment.

And this is where you, dear visitors, can make a difference! You are warmly invited to participate in this initiative. Proper waste separation is essential, and your contribution will be invaluable.


The smiling team from Izola

...says goodbye until next time!

We are the "culprits" behind the event and take care of every detail. Our team is small but versatile and creative, and we transform even the craziest idea into reality. You can find us at the Izola Tourist Board stand, where we will gladly provide you with useful information about Izola and its surroundings, and you can also choose from various souvenirs.

TIC Izola +386 5 640 10 50 tic.izola@izola.si
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