Children's theatre performance: Pippi's Big Adventure


Location: Cultural Centre Izola

Time: 5.00 pm

Entrance fee: 5 €

The world's most fun school clock

Welcome to a real school with Teacher Sock. We'll play the game "Don't get angry" from the island of Kariestintin, where no one washes their teeth. We'll rescue the holey fairy tales from the scary island of Sikiruz, where deadly snakes have eaten their home reading. We'll have a morning "migivadba" with a poem that Pippi and her daddy wrote when they escaped the terrible sharks and even cast a little spell.

All this and more awaits us in the most fun-filled PIKA'S SCHOOL, where we will learn to count our fingers and steps, write capital letters and read them without magic glasses, tell fairy tales and dance like Mr Ficko. And why? So that we grow up and become bores who never jump in mud puddles again? No way. So that we can travel the world, talk to our friends in India, calculate how to climb Mont Everest, see the beauty around us and capture our dreams. That's why!

Best suited for:
Kindergarten 3-6, Primary I, Primary II



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