Concert: Kavč - Summer in the park


Location: Park Pietro Coppo

Free entry

The trio from Koper combines different subgenres of rock in their distinctly Slovenian original music on a comfortable sofa.
Join us on a journey across the boundaries of reality with the Kavč band! From the heart of Koper, these three musicians bring a performance that washes over our senses like the waves of the Adriatic Sea. Their music is a harmonious blend of different rock genres.
Kavč, with his original songs and Slovenian lyrics, tells stories that take you through ethno-theatrical dimensions and create calm, floating grooves. Listen to the story behind every sofa; a story of comfort, familiarity and countless secrets.
-Tine Farkaš - bass
-Matej Mittendorfer - guitar
-Žan Lenarčič - drums

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