Intensive weekend storytelling and cooking workshop "Through the Stomach"


Location: Art Cafe Odeon

Food travels through the stomach, love travels through the stomach, life travels through the stomach, even a fairy tale doesn't get stuck in the stomach! You are invited to a first-class exploratory experience of the sensuality of the possessed and the flesh. Through the exploration of narrative, tasting, testing and creating, you will be guided by dramaturge Samanta Kobal and Tanja Plešivčnik Zelenko, Head of Art Cuisine - a hatchery of artistic and sustainable practices.

The workshop runs from Friday 13 October afternoon to Sunday 15 October and consists of 15 creative hours. Applications are being accepted at  until places are filled. For more detailed information, please contact .

Organised by the KVART Association in cooperation with the JSKD Izola.

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