Olives, Wine and Fish Festival

31/05 - 1/06/24

Location: Manzioli square and Ljubljanska street

Time: 7.00 pm - 12.00 am

Free entry

Every year we enter the high season with an event, particularly well known among foodies and Mediterranean food lovers. In the end of May the narrow streets of the old town host local producers. At their stalls, visitors can get a taste or buy homemade wine, olive oil and many other culinary specialties from the Slovene Istria. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to taste the deliciously fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea.

This two-day event features a number of small concerts at various venues across town. The Olives, Wine and Fish Festival usually takes place in the end of May in Izola.

Event organiser: CKŠP Izola

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