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Let us take you on a journey around Izola – a charming seaside town in Slovenian Istria, where you will discover many fascinating attractions and sea delights, but, above all, you will meet the friendly locals. Get ready to explore hidden corners, learn about the rich cultural heritage, and enjoy authentic Istrian culture and delicious food. The locals will share some tips and insights for an unforgettable experience in this picturesque fishermen’s town. Are you up for the adventure? Let the authentic atmosphere in Izola inspire a newfound love for this part of Slovenian Istria in you.

Coffee break in Artists' Street

Start your day of exploring Izola on Ljubljanska Street, also known as Artists' Street, where socializing with the locals is guaranteed. Stroll along this colourful street, visit one of the galleries or art studios, admire the art, and enjoy a coffee at the popular Bife pri Kralju. Feel the relaxed atmosphere, listen to the friendly chatter among the locals, smell the mint, basil, and other herbs growing in this street, and take a sip of your morning espresso surrounded by the creativity and vibrancy of this idyllic spot.

Bife pri Kralju is located in a little square the locals like to call »pri špini« (by the water tap). It's not only a café but also a venue for concerts, held every Thursday during the summer, and a location for annual culinary events such as the Tomato Sauce Festival, Basil Festival, Chilli Festival, and others.

Discovering blue and green beauty on an electric bike

The quickest way to see as much of the blue and green beauty of Izola and its surroundings as possible in one morning is to hop on an electric bike. We recommend visiting the natural gem of the Strunjan Landscape Park or taking a trip to the neighbouring towns of Koper or Piran. Along the way, you can admire beaches, cliffs, salt pans, olive groves, and vineyards, follow the Parenzana (a former railway route), and simply enjoy the Istrian countryside. The best thing about the entire experience: the electric bike will help you save some energy for all the other adventures that still await you.

You can also go on a guided cycling tour with Hangar Adventures or Bora Experience. Both will make your trip unforgettable and help you explore the town and the countryside. There will be plenty of delicious Istrian food and wine, and let's not forget that socializing with the locals is also included!

Is one morning on a bike not enough for you? Find out which are the TOP cycling paths in Izola.

Did you know that two cultures come together in Izola?

Two languages intertwine in Izola, as two nations or two cultures coexist here: Slovenian and Italian. Walking around town, you're bound to hear some words you won’t find in any dictionary, as the two languages mix together to create the dialect of Izola. The beautiful palace on Manzioli Square is home to the Italian Self-Governing National Community, which strives to preserve the Italian language in the area through education and cultural activities. Every week, various cultural events are held in the palace and in the square. Both the square and the palace are definitely worth a visit!

The building also houses the Manzioli Wine Bar, run by the Zaro family with a long wine-making tradition. Treat yourself to a glass of quality wine or even a wine tasting and enjoy the aromas of Refosco and Malvasia, introducing you to the world of fine wines of Slovenian Istria.

In April of each year, the Orange Wine Festival – one of the most renowned wine events in Slovenia – takes place in the palace and in Manzioli Square. Have you attended it already?

Freshly caught seafood for a delicious lunch

In Izola, we support the Zero KM philosophy: fresh from the sea or the field and straight to your plate. Heritage is also very important, and we like to revive old recipes, stemming from the fishing tradition of Izola. All of this reflects in the plates of Izola’s chefs. If you enjoy seafood and traditional dishes, we suggest visiting Gostilna Sidro – a family restaurant known especially for seafood. We recommend freshly prepared fish, mussels, calamari or prawns, which will take you on a real culinary journey in Izola.

We are proud to have many quality restaurants in Izola. Learn about their journeys, discover their recipes, and visit them during your stay in Izola! 

Izolana – a source of marine secrets

If you're interested in the culture of our place, don't skip a visit to the museum! Izolana – House of the Sea reveals stories of the rich maritime history. You will learn about model-making, fishing, shipbuilding, and life at and by the sea.  In addition to the displays and exhibits, there is also interactive content that will help you learn about the former island of Izola, you will take a virtual ride along the Parenzana, fish with Bepi, step into a fishing boat... Have we convinced you yet?

Izolana is also the starting point of the Forgotten Secret of Izola adventure game, during which you can explore Izola's historical centre in with a special digital guide.

A stroll among the colourful streets of Izola

You can also discover the historical centre of Izola on your own. The narrow and picturesque cobble streets create an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Houses with colourful facades invite you to wander around and admire the many architectural details. Let yourself get lost for a while and you will surely come across a unique historical landmark. Don’t worry: the town is small and you will find its popular spots in no time. Make sure to visit the Besenghi degli Ughi Palace – one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Slovenian Istria, walk along the promenade to the fishing port and stop by the church of St. Maurus.

Izola – a place where the smell of the sea, the colourful facades, the warmth of the sun and the friendliness of the locals create perfect harmony.

From one viewpoint to another

When you're visiting the Church of St Maurus, make sure to stop at this unique viewpoint – the bell tower of Izola. There are 99 steps leading to the top, from where you can admire the beautiful panorama over the town and the countryside. There are many breathtaking viewpoints in Izola that appeal to visitors throughout the year. Discover the viewpoints of Izola!

A boat trip for a perfect ending or start of the day

You simply must go on a boat trip in a seaside town like Izola! You can set off on a trip of a few hours, a day or even several days to discover the Adriatic coast. Is there anything more beautiful than watching a sunset while swaying on waves and feeling the magic of life at sea? Well… it gets even better with a delicious seafood dinner, which is guaranteed in Izola!

Alice in Waterland organize sunset sailing trips or longer sailboat experiences. You can also rent a boat or take a panoramic ride on Jež boat.

Francesca and Filippo from Italy joined the locals in exploring Izola

All the suggestions we have presented have been lived first-hand by the winners of the A Day with a Local prize competition: Francesca and Filippo. You can experience part of their day by buying one of the experiences in the Visit Izola online shop, where you can find cycling tours, sailing or boat trips, tickets for Izolana, The Forgotten Secret of Izola and much more, but you are also welcome to explore the rich heritage of the city of Izola and the immediate surroundings on your own.

Filippo: “It was a very, very special day. I expected a lot of sea and a lot of fish, but I ended up with discovering a lot more. There were also many toasts. When you raise your glass many times, it means that you're feeling good and happy. And we are happy here.”

See how Francesca and Filippo spent their day, what they learned, who they met, and how they felt about Izola in this short documentary video:

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