Summer reading at the library on the beach


If while enjoying the sun rays you get tempted by a good book, you can choose and borrow the desired book either at the beach or by visiting one of Izola’s book corners.


Library at the beach

On Izola’s most popular beach Svetilnik, which on a morning with a clear sky offers a view of the Alps, you can find a corner dedicated to all those who love relaxing with a good book in their hands. The library at the beach is open when there is good weather (of which there is plenty this year), in July and August, every day between 10:00 and 18:00. At 11:00 children can listen to fairy tales. If the book you chose captured you and you wish to continue reading it until late at night you can return it to the library at the beach the next day or directly at the City library of Izola.

You can also find a book corner at the Archaeological Park in San Simon, which you can visit when the archaeological park is open.

Check the opening hours of the archaeological park here.

The library on the beach gives everyone the possibility to read as no membership is required to borrow the books.

Exchange a book

Don’t put the books you have finished reading on the bookshelf. Exchange them for other books and make sure they will make someone else happy. The book exchange corner can be found in the Art Café Odeon as well as in Centre of used objects (Muzčeva ulica 7) in the centre of Izola.

The small shop in the centre of the town follows the principle of exchange: you give something in order to get something and it therefore supports the idea of sustainability.

Get to know some Slovenian authors

All those who are staying at Hotel Cliff, which is known to have the most beautiful view over Izola or at the Guesthouse Centrum, can borrow books written by Slovenian authors at the receptions. The books are not only available for Slovenian guests, but also for foreign ones as they have been translated into seven languages.

Enjoy your coffee with a beautiful view or breakfast in the heart of Izola – but of course, with a good book in your hands! Let us know who your favourite Slovenian author is. 

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