TOP 9 Things to Do in Izola on Colder Days


The seaside is a great place to visit at any time of the year. Here are 10 ideas to help you plan a trip or holiday at the seaside, whether it's winter, spring or autumn. We've put together some great suggestions for those who enjoy wining and dining, those who prefer to stay active and explore, and those who just want a relaxing getaway from everyday life.

Exploring Izola and its surroundings

The forgotten secret of Izola

If you are not too familiar with Izola, start your exploration of this old fishing town in its historic centre. Come and join the hunt for the Forgotten Secret of Izola, and get to know the city through a fun outdoor adventure game. A mystery figure will guide you through 11 riddles via a tablet and keep you entertained along the way, but he will also show you the hidden spots you might miss during a regular stroll around town.

Ready? Here we go!


Your adventure begins and ends at Izolana - House of the Sea, where you can learn about Izola's fishing heritage via interactive storytelling, discover how the former island of Izola evolved into a peninsula on a 3D model of the town, and take a trip down memory lane back to the days of Delamaris. Izolana is the place to go if you want to get a real taste of Izola and its past.

Kaštelir in Korte

Set in the charming village of Korte, the story of the first inhabitants of Izola dates back more than 5,000 years. Take a tour of Kaštelir (hillfort) in Korte, either on your own or accompanied by a local guide, who will take you back to the time of the Histri people through fascinating stories. The Archaeological Park overlooking the Sečovlje Salt Pans, where cultural heritage is intertwined with a lush natural environment, is a great option for a half-day excursion.

Visit Kaštelir in the company of a local guide.

Izola's hiking and cycling trails

Slovenian Istria is a treasure trove of hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty levels. Take your pick of trails offering stunning views of olive groves and vineyards, or get up to the lookout point overlooking Izola and snap a photo of the view of Bele skale (White Cliffs), with Piran in the background and the Gulf of Trieste on the other side. Venture into the very heart of the Istrian countryside or take a bike ride along the widely popular Parenzana cycling route - Road of Health and Friendship.

Explore the map of hiking and cycling trails.

There's plenty to choose from, and we guarantee you'll find a trail suited to your taste and fitness level.

Istrian flavours and sea-flavoured cuisine

The Pier of Tastes

In spring and autumn, the North Pier serves as the venue for the popular one-stop gastronomic event Pier of Tastes, where you can get a taste of all sorts of Istrian delicacies. Join us for one of the "street food" events and choose from a wide selection of local restaurants, pubs, wineries and tourist boards. Stop by for lunch, dinner or just a snack, enjoy the most beautiful view of the lighthouse and watch the sunset while listening to some chilled-out tunes.

Apart from the Pier of Flavours, there are also other events and small concerts to enjoy, while those who visit Izola in winter can experience the Ice Island festival featuring an ice rink by the sea.

Lunch with a view of the sea

The smell of the freshest seafood dishes is a frequent feature of the taverns and restaurants of Izola. Pick a spot where you can enjoy not only the flavours of the sea, but also its views. You can either have a seat on a seafront terrace or treat yourself to the restaurant with the most beautiful view of the entire town.

Choose your favourite restaurant.

Wine events and wine bars

In addition to its exceptional cuisine, Izola is also known for its fine wines and wine-related events. In February, the Manzioli Palace hosts the Refuscus Mundi festival dedicated to the local wine variety refošk, and in April, the world-famous Orange Wine Festival.

Local wines are available to sample in the wine cellars or at the homesteads of Izola's winemakers', and there are also plenty of bars and restaurants in town to choose from.

Visit a local bars or wine cellar.

Unwind at the spa or relax by the sea

Saunas and wellness

The colder months call for a visit to the spa or sauna, of which there is no shortage in Izola. The Marina Hotel facilities include saunas and jacuzzis for its guests, but if you are not staying at a hotel, you can visit the wellness and spa centres equipped with saunas at the Wellness & Spa of the Mirta Hotel or the Cliff Hotel & Spa. For a romantic getaway for couples, the De Grassi Boutique Garni Hotel offers a room with a private sauna and hot tub.

Strolling by the sea and meditating on the beaches

The low season, when the beaches are only frequented by a few casual strollers, is the ideal time for a relaxing seaside walk and some quiet moments listening to the splashing of the waves. No matter the time of the year, the beach is a place where you can instantly find some tranquility and unplug from your everyday life.

Do you prefer the beach in the town centre with its famous lighthouse and fragrant pine trees, or the one hidden away under the cliffs?

Find your own quiet spot on one of Izola's 8 beaches.

Izola's most beautiful vistas

Despite its small size, Izola offers plenty of spots where you can get a great view of the city. The vistas, as they are known locally, are the spots where you can snap the most beautiful, postcard-worthy photos of Izola.  All can be accessed on foot (on a short walk or hike around Izola) or on a scooter, which you can either rent at the Izola Tourist Information Centre or pre-book online.

Visit Izola's vistas and snap some amazing photos of Izola.


You are also welcome to stop by the Tourist Information Centre, where our friendly staff will help you plan your stay in Izola.

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